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Monday, August 10, 2020

The Secret Of My Eyebrows

A few weeks ago, I shared a photo of my eyebrows on my IG Story to tease you guys. For longtime readers of my blog, you will know that I don't have eyebrows. My eyebrows are so thin that they appear naked. I'm still wondering if I should share my secret, however, I believe it will be of use to many people. Hence, I will share my experience with this product with all of you.

eyebrow grows asian chinese

As an Asian Chinese, I was born with thin eyebrows. I thought of embroidery eyebrows many times, but I was scared when I saw my sister doing it. Her eyebrows were cut to colour them, and it freaked me out. Since then, I no longer want to embroider my eyebrows.

Then when I moved to England, I started to fancy using coconut oil. I found organic extra virgin coconut oil and I have been trying to use it for my brows ever since. The reason is that I have read in books that organic coconut oil with good quality can be used to help hair growth. Eyebrows are also the hair on our body parts, which is why I decided to use them.

vita coco extra virgin coconut oil raw

1 year later, unexpectedly, my eyebrows were starting to grow. It's so curious because I didn't notice it at all. Sometimes I go outside the house without drawing my eyebrows, and I don't look weird in front of the mirror. Even though they are not as thick as my husband's brows, they look shaped and visible. I am very satisfied.

Earlier this year, I realized that I already had eyebrows. The step of drawing eyebrows is usually quite difficult for me because my brows are thin. However, since using Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil it turns out that my brows have grown. I don't use coconut oil anymore for months because I forgot to apply it on my eyebrow. At first, it was just for a trial, then it turns out to be really beneficial!

I don't know if the same oil can do you any good, which is obviously helpful for me. Please note that the oils I use are natural and organic. Plus, it doesn't smell artificial. The oil I use has a soft scent like coconut milk.

For those who are curious about which brand of oil I use, here is the product. I don't think it's necessary to buy the exact same one. However, the most important thing is that this oil is organic, extra virgin, and cold-pressed.

Another thing that makes me happy about coconut oil is its amazing benefits. I use it for cooking, for lip, hair, and dry parts of my body. Additionally, during winter, I also use coconut oil to treat my skin. A few days later my face recovered, clear, and refreshed.

I apply this oil on my eyebrows just before I go to sleep once a day. There is no need to overuse it either because I think there are limits to eyebrow growth. This oil doesn't make my eyebrows darker, it just thickens them.

Now when I leave the house, I only need to use a black eyebrow mascara so that my eyebrows look darker. Lately, I also don't like shaving my eyebrows, I prefer to let them grow naturally. I don't know, sometimes a natural look is beautiful too. :)

After this, I will try to continue using coconut oil again regularly to see if my eyebrows will grow even thicker or not.

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