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Friday, June 26, 2020

Olens Welcome Kit Scandi (Unboxing) Review and First Impression!

Hi guys, do you know Olens? Olens is a contact lens brand from South Korea, and they produce many natural contact lenses to enhance our looks! I'm so excited because they use Blackpink as their muse, and I love Blackpink (especially LISA). Btw, their comeback is tomorrow on June 26th, I can't wait.

So, in this post, I want to share about the welcome kit from Olens. This is a limited edition box, specifically for trials if you're new to Olens. I got 20 pairs of one-day Scandi grey and three pairs of one-day contact lenses to try. For more information about the box, kindly check this link >> Olens Welcome Kit.

These are three pairs of contact lenses for trial. I love how we can try first before purchasing the entire box. They are Scandi Olive, Scandi Hazel and Spanish Brown. All of them are one-day contact lens. I always love one-day contact lens because they are usually super comfortable.

Anyway, if you'd like to see my unboxing video, please kindly check this video on youtube.

The first pair I've tried was this Scandi grey one-day. The diameter is only 14.2mm, they blend well to my eyes and so pretty! I've never found a coloured contact lens like this. They're very comfortable too.

The texture of the contact lens is like a thin rubber, elastic and is not hurting my eyes. I rarely wear contact lens now because they hurt my eyes sometimes. I want to keep my eyes healthy.

Luckily, I found Olens because of Blackpink.

I don't know about the one-month contact lens because I haven't tried them yet. I think I'll make some reviews after I use them. In the meanwhile, please watch and support my unboxing video here. :)

Do you like this Scandi grey? It looks super natural in real life. I think they both blend so well to my black eyes. They don't give massive enlargement like the other contact lenses.

This kind of contact lens's design is really popular now. Many people prefer small diameter contact lens to look more like a human and sexier.

I've tried wearing this Scandi Gray all day. They still felt comfortable even after I cleaned my makeup. I didn't take off my contact lenses yesterday when I cleaned my eye makeup with my Bifesta eye makeup remover. It didn't itch, it didn't hurt. I believe they're made from good material.

I really want to try all their contact lenses designs and see which one I like the most. I've heard that the Spanish and Secriss series are beautiful too.

Btw, if you use my promo code, you can get a 10% discount. You can apply it when you want to check out, the code is COMINICA.

Have you tried this contact lens? What do you think about it? Please share it with me! :)

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