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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution

As a woman who suffered from hormonal acne, I have big pores and uneven skin texture. I also have some natural freckles on my skin, and it is genetic. My big pores have caused many skin problems, one of them is blackheads. I hate blackheads because I think they look so nasty. I hope my pores to stay clean.

I've heard about The Ordinary and found about this product on their website. I read some reviews from the customers, and I also made some researches about the ingredients in this product. Because of my sensitive skin, I have to be aware of all the products that I'll put on my skin. I'm not going to talk about the ingredients or packaging. But, I will talk more about my experiences with this product.

As usual, I'm not going to talk about the ingredients or packaging. But, I will talk straightly about my experience with the product. 

Firstly, I purchased this product to exfoliate any dead skin from my face. I felt that my skin looked dull and pale. Besides that, I wished that this peeling solution will help to fade my acne scars and freckles. 

My expectation for this product was low because of the inexpensive price. I thought that if this product doesn't work then that's fine. 

1st try: 
I only applied a thin layer around my nose, cheek, and jaw. It was a little bit itchy at first. The colour of the solution is red, and it scared me when I looked in the mirror, lol. My face was red, and I was afraid that the stain will stay forever. But, it didn't. I left the solution for 2-3 minutes because I felt uneasy. It was my first trial, and I was afraid that my sensitive skin will burn. I didn't want that to happen. 

The first result:
My skin looked smoother. Nothing has changed to the blackheads and whiteheads. They were still there. My acne looked a little bit dry, and some parts on my skin felt tighter.

2nd, 3rd, etc:
I left the peeling solution on my skin for 10 minutes as a mask. I applied the solution almost to my entire face, except for the eye and lip area. The result was okay, and my skin looks cleaner. But, the blackheads still visible.

Recently, I was a little bit fed up with the pores on my nose. Because the pores are big, dirt and oil could easily pile up and stay. That makes my pores look more visible and nasty. I was disappointed and was being dramatic because of my skin condition (lol). 

Yesterday, I woke up and did my morning Yoga class as usual. After having my breakfast, I went to wash my face. I checked the weather, it was cloudy yesterday and no sun. I thought it'd be perfect to use The Ordinary AHA BHA and to try something a little bit different.

This idea just popped out in my head, I wanted to do it this time. Something I wanted to try for a long time, but I always hesitate because I didn't want to hurt my skin.

After I washed my face with warm water, I applied some of the AHA BHA solutions on my face especially on my nose area and around the cheek. 

I left the solution for 2-3 minutes, and then the secret fingers moves began. I wet my fingers with a little bit of warm water. Then, I massaged the solution to my pores slowly and delicately. I aimed for my nose first! The process was not long but not too fast as well, but I couldn't believe it when the blackheads started to come out from the pores! 

I couldn't see the whiteheads because they are unobvious. But, when I see the blackheads melted with the peeling solution, I was so SATISFIED! HAHA! Then, I massaged the rest of the solution into my big pores, and the result was fantastic. My pores are still big but cleaner!

I still have some tiny black spots on my nose, but I think they're difficult to clean now. Those tiny black spots were my big mistake from when I was a foolish teenager. At that time, I used my thumbs to squeeze my blackheads out of my pores by force. 

Girls, if you're still young, please don't make the same mistake!

Btw, I'll check with the regular application of the AHA BHA peeling solution if my skin becomes clearer than before. I'll update you about the result on my Instagram story, so please kindly follow me here if you haven't. :)

If you check the above picture, you can see that my skin looks dry but very clean. It was after the blackheads and whiteheads removal process. I was so proud of my self, LOL. (silly me)

This picture below was after I put my morning skincare routine. It looked more radiant and glowing. Sorry, I didn't take the 'before picture'! I'll update this post later in two weeks.

I love The Ordinary AHA BHA peeling solution, and I think I'll keep repurchasing it again and again. I didn't know that with a little bit of soft massage, all the blackheads and whiteheads could melt with the solution.

However, please don't try the massaging if your skin isn't used to the solution. I recommend trying it first without massaging and rubbing until your skin gets used to the product. I have used this peeling solution as a mask for 3 months before trying this technique. Please be patient and nice to your skin.

Btw, this post isn't sponsored by anyone, so all my opinions and reviews are based on my personal experiences and views.

Just for sharing,
My skin becomes so ugly after I moved to the UK. My freckles grow all over my cheekbone skin as well. I don't know about the problem, but I think it might be because of the cold and dry weather, plus the hard water. My skin breakouts often here, and it drives me mad sometimes. I used to apply minimal skincare, but now, I'm trying many products just to make my skin looks better. It is better these days so I'm happy with it.

Don't worry, you're not alone. I try my best for my skin too. :)

If you're wondering, in here, all the SKII products I used to wear aren't that great here. I don't know if this is because of my hormone or unstable weather. I dislike the weather here, I miss my hometown's heavenly sun and warm breeze.

My skin is more stable in humid weather, I think it's because I was born in a tropical country. Hahaha! :D

Talk to you below! :)

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