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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Casual Summer Co-ords

Hi guys, last week I received another set of clothes for this season from Femme Luxe. Instead of four pieces, I only got three pieces this time. Keep reading if you want to see how they look. :)

The weather is lovely these few days, it's getting warm, and everyone is happy. ❤️

Especially, the recent news from the government that the lockdown is starting to get looser. Despite the happiness, I'm worried that the situation will get worse again. I'm not going out until everything is way better.

Still, I'm waiting for the Summer to come, and of course, I need more casual and basic clothes this year. I'm so happy to share them with all of you.

I picked four pieces for this post, but I think the other Cherry Top is out of stock so I only got three. That's fine, we can create some looks with just three pieces. 

This is the first look. If you remember, I got the same top on this post in a different colour. This ribbed top is so adorable, I can't help to get another colour. I try to wear this outfit as loungewear, and my husband loves it.

He said it's a refreshing and lovely look. It's amazing to see me wearing something cute during the lockdown. He really appreciates it. :D

If you're a teenager and confident enough, you might want to wear this as a crop top. I tied a knot on the front, and it looks super trendy and cute. The material is similar like t-shirts so it's easy to knot it.

I love crop top because of Gigi Hadid, but my ab isn't as toned as her lol. But still, I love my shape and my body. :) 

Oh, and btw, this crop top style will look cool with joggers as well! Moreover, try to wear this like an open-shoulder top, it'll flatter your collar bone. 

The second top looks soo pretty. Since it's black, it makes me look skinnier and cooler which I love! It's casual but still catchy and looks stylish. 

I'd love to wear this top under my blazer or ripped jacket! 

Just a gif from my short video to show you how this looks on my body. This top is casual, simple, but the tight neckline and the cut on the shoulder makes it looks special.

The last style of those three pieces; I combine both of the tops and wear the blue one as an outer. I release all the buttons and wear it like a shrug. It's not exactly like that but it looks stylish since the tone is similar to the short. It makes the style looks not boring.

Mix and match are really fun. I personally love it, especially during travelling so I don't look the same in all pictures, lol.

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