Sunday, May 24, 2020

Some New Clothes For Summer

A few days ago, I received my new set of clothes from FEMME LUXE. I've picked some pastel and white colour pieces for the spring. Now, I'm currently enjoying the spring and so excited for the summer, even though the country still in lockdown. 

The weather is surprisingly satisfying this week, I love the spring breeze and the lovely sun. Plus, some new clothes really boost my mood! :)

As usual, I picked four items for a mix and match. I usually don't wear them immediately, but this time, I really want to try them ASAP. See the colour tone? They're so pretty! I got a lilac cropped sweatshirt, a dusty pink button-up, a white short and a white denim jacket.

Since this is a spontaneous action, I don't put any makeup on my face. It's the effect of the soft filter on my phone so I look a bit proper for the camera. Anyway, let's see them!

Firstly, I try the Lilac crop-sweatshirt on my body and wear it with my comfortable jogger from Femme Luxe. I wear this lovely blue oversized jogger for almost every day, but sometimes I wear the other colour. The joggers are so comfortable and stylish.

This Lilac sweatshirt is very soft to touch and comfortable to wear. The colour is lovely, I love Lilac a lot! It comes with a front zipper and fleece material. There's a fastener at the bottom of the sweatshirt if you don't like it wide.

See how cosy and comfy this set is? It's suitable for loungewear, and look cute as well. I feel less like a potato during this lockdown, lol. Believe me, try to dress up and you'll feel brighter! ;D

A close up selfie with the adorable Lilac sweatshirt. Please excuse my barefaced tho, lol.

And then, the second piece is this simple and cute dusty pink top. I know for some people, it might look plain. However, I think this cute top is handy. I'm thinking to get more buttoned t-shirts like this in the future.

I remember that Jennie of Blackpink loves to wear this kind of fitted top, and it flatters her body shape. I try to unbutton some of the buttons on the top and the bottom, it looks more carefree this way. I love to wear something a bit unconventionally.

It presents a different look when I match this top with a jogger or with a short. This kind of basic top is a must, and I'll never get tired of wearing it. It's comfy for indoor and stylish for outdoor.

And then, the third item I got is this white short. I wear it with the dusty pink top (above), and this time I keep the buttons. I rolled the length a little bit and tied it up to a knot on the front. It looks trendy! I don't care about my fat belly tho, I feel comfortable with my own body. :)

I gained some weight in winter, lol. Now, I'm trying to get back to my usual shape. Health and happiness are really important. :D

I also try to wear this white short with my lilac sweatshirt. It looks so youthful and fresh. It feels like summer already. Fashion is really interesting, with only 4 pieces of clothes I could make some fashionable looks.

I put the sweatshirt back and wear the dusty pink top again. This time I put the white denim jacket as an outer. I picked the bigger size purposely so I can wear this jacket as an oversized jacket. I love the oversized denim jacket! It looks so refreshing and fashionable.

I wear two sizes larger than my normal size. I got the 12.

I personally think an oversized denim jacket is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. I can pair it with a casual dress, t-shirts or a jumpsuit. The matching is endless.

Since this jacket is cropped, it will look great with high waist denim and a bodysuit. I'll try it next time.

I pair the jacket with a grey jogger for a more #athleisure look. It looks casual, cool but sporty at the same time. You couldn't go wrong with a jogger nowadays.

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