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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Casual and Basic Pieces

Hello guys, how are you? I hope we can pass through this lockdown safely. I read the news and notice that some retail stores are allowed to open tomorrow. I've never been so happy about going out. Originally, I'm an introvert, and so is my husband. Even though we love staying at home, but this is really too much.

We also need some refreshments outdoor like trees, flowers and cafes. 

Recently, the weather turns a little bit cold again. I don't know about you, but it's very hard for me to wake up in the morning when the weather is cold. I feel like I want to stay under the blanket forever.

When the weather is cold, my motivation for workout also cold, lol. I don't feel like doing anything. The gloomy sky also brings my mood low, and some thoughts colonized my mind like a greedy invader. Well, I try to cope up with the interference but sometimes it seems not good enough.

Online shopping and new clothes help me to stay happy and sound. Last week, I received some clothes to try again. This time I picked a cycling set (the black one), a bodysuit and a pink jogger. I actually picked one more top with cherry print, but it didn't come. D:

Now, let's see how they look on my body:

1. Black cycling set; one bandage top and one cycling short.

I picked this set for my exercise at home because I think they will help me move freely. They are part of basic pieces and is essential for any exercises. The quality is okay, but the material is not that comfortable when I sweat a lot.

I think they are cute and okay for slow movement yoga. My exercises mostly relaxing and focus more on breathing and the flow. I quite like them for another thing. I'm thinking to wear cycling short for going out casually and pair it with some oversized shirt/blouse.

As for the top, it'll be right to wear it as an undergarment.

2. The blue bodysuit with frills.

This bodysuit is lovely for spring and summer! It is essential and adorable for my basic pieces. The style is simple and cute, plus the colour is lovely as well. The fabric is soft like t-shirts material, and a little bit stretchy. The cute frills on the straps are such a sweet decoration!

I got the S size, but it's a little bit lose for me. I don't mind tho because I find it more breathable than if it fits onto my body. Maybe next time I should get the XS (in a different colour) instead. :)

Since it's a bodysuit, I can wear it as a casual bikini at the beach as well. I love how it so versatile!

3. The lovely pink jogger.

If you've been reading all my haul posts from Femme Luxe, you should know that I love joggers a lot. They are one of my basic outfits now, especially for grocery shopping. If you live in the UK, a jogger is a must. They are warm, comfortable and crazily stylish. 

This specific jogger called Lizzie is an oversized style jogger with many available colours to choose. If you don't like something that is a little bit large, you should pick one size smaller than your usual size if you still want this item. I picked the size 8, and it's perfect for me because I love the loose shape. It's really trendy and cute.

Joggers are essential for me at home, they're perfect as loungewear and warm enough to wear in cold weather. I wear my jogger with t-shirts if it's a little bit warm and sometimes with a sweatshirt if the weather is a bit cold.

I love the combination of both as it 4looks so lovely, the colour matches together like bubble gum.

If you're looking for the same outfit combination, you know where to go. ;D

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