Saturday, May 16, 2020

Some new addition to my wardrobe

Fashion is something that makes me feel alive. I dress-up not for other people, but to feel good about my self. I have a very special bond with my clothes. I used to get attached to my favourite clothes, and I treat them with lots of love. 

I also hand-washed most of my clothes, because I want to maintain their shape. I think being attentive to something I love is rewarding. 

Last week, I received four pieces of new items. One of them is a cropped jumper in grey with a hoodie. This cropped hoodie made with soft material; it makes me warm and comfortable.

The measurement is a bit oversized, but that's not a problem because oversized clothes are cool nowadays.

I also got one fleece jogger as an addition to my daily wear. It looks stylish at home and outside the house. I love the comfortable material a lot. The form is a little bit big, but I think, that is the charm. Oversized joggers somehow look cute and stylish. They're great to pair with T-shirts as well.

Most joggers I got from Femme Luxe is very soft. I'm sold! I'd love to get the one in black next time. 🖤

This casual co-ords looks fashionable and sporty. It is comfy for jogging and dancing as well. Do you like this style? Even though I usually dress up femininely, but I love this casual - sporty style too. It's comfortable as loungewear, especially in a windy country like the UK.

Besides those two grey pieces, I also got one cute jumpsuit in black. The reason why I picked this jumpsuit is because of the heart-shaped front. I love jumpsuits, I think it's a must item in my wardrobe. At least, I need some pieces in my collection.

Once in a while, my mood will be very low and I won't be in the mood for dressing-up at all. But sometimes, I have to push my self to go out. When I don't know what to wear, I think jumpsuits help a lot! It's quick and effortless.

Jumpsuits also benefit me during rush moments when I need to pick outfits quickly. I need something classy yet attractive at the same time, like this jumpsuit.

I'd love to wear this jumpsuit under a blazer for a more formal look.

The 4th item I got is this lilac crop top. Crop tops are handy. They are cute to pair with joggers, but also great to pair with any jeans.

The material isn't the most comfortable, but it's really cute. I will keep wearing this top from time to time because it's adorable. :)

Off-shoulder tops compliment my neckline. I have a noticeable collar bone and this style makes my neck looks higher. I really love how it looks on my shoulder, it's flattering.

The material isn't stretchy, so you might want to size up. I usually wear size S, but since this fabric is not elastic, it's a little bit tight. The M size is probably more comfortable to wear. I'm thinking to get the M size in different colour next time. Cheers! :)

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