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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Latest Beauty Hauls!

Hi ladies, if you've seen my post about my fashion hauls here, this post is about my beauty hauls. It's not as long as the fashion hauls, but I just want to share about them. :D

Since three years ago, I didn't buy a lot of makeup anymore. I invested more in skincare products because I love my skin. I personally think skincare is more important than makeup, if you don't have good skin, your makeup won't look good in real life. Of course, I need makeup in my life, and I love makeup! However, now, my priority is my skin. :)

Last month, I bought two new toners; Nuxe and Pixy. I was looking for a good toner for the morning routine and found Nuxe Lotion Tonic Douce. This toner is safe for sensitive skin like me, and I love how it does not contain harmful ingredients. I haven't used Nuxe for at least three months so I think I can't give you a precise review now.

But so far, I love how it smells!

As for Pixy, I was curious about the rave. There're so many good reviews about Pixy's toner, especially the Glow Toner. But, I picked a small Pixy Collagen Tonic for a trial. The size is just 100ml. It's small but I heard it'll stay for a while. Nuxe and Pixy toner are really affordable, I hope my skin suits them.

I haven't used Pixy toner yet because I still use The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution for the night. (phew, the name is too long! lol)

I also purchased the Caudalie Grape Water for my summer trip, but now I don't know when this lockdown will be over. :(

As for L'occitane, I ordered a refill for Loccitane Intense Repair shampoo. It's an amazing shampoo! I love the smell and it makes my dry hair smooth and manageable. I'm going to purchase the conditioner as well because I don't have anything left at home. Conditioner is really important for my damaged hair, I can't live without it.

Other than that, I got these two for my nail makeup and treatment. I never really care about them because I cook, wash clothes and do house chores almost every day. I always keep my nails short to prevent breakage. 

The Sally Hansen Maximum Growth will help my nail becomes stronger, it is great for a daily topcoat as well.

The Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat is for protecting my nail whenever I put some colours on them. I want my nail to look shinier and last longer.

The last haul in this post is The Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. I chose the 'extra' one because the skin around my eyes is super dry. I need something more hydrating to prevent the skin around my eyes from wrinkling and looking tired. 

And I've received a small sample of the oil-infused lip gloss as well. I love a small sample like this, it's great for travelling. I haven't checked the colour yet tho. :)

I have used this eye cream for a few weeks, and so far loving it! Maybe, I'll drop a review about this eye cream on my blog after I use it for a few months. Furthermore, I'll compare this Bobbi Brown eye cream with some of my previous eye creams; for example, the popular SKII R.N.A Power Eye Cream. Previously, when I was in Indo, I used SKII eye cream for a while. But later, I decided to search for another eye cream, and find something better with a more affordable price.

So, they're my beauty hauls recently. They're not that much if we compare it with my fashion hauls. Skincare and makeup products tend to last longer so I don't need to buy them often. As for fashion, it's different. I live for them. :D

I realise that I need to be wise to manage my budget, but so far I'm good. My husband said, for him; I'm wise and smart, lol. Lucky me, my husband loves to shower me with presents. Hehe. :)

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