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Friday, May 22, 2020

Fashion Hauls from March to May (Long Post)

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This year's lockdown has hit everyone hard. I find that many people do online shopping a lot at this time to indulge themselves. Well, I'm one of those people, and I think it's okay as long as I can afford it. Like nobody gets hurt, right? :)

Last year, I didn't shop much. Well, I got a new phone, a new Macbook, some bags, skincare products and makeups, but most of them were urgently needed. After I got married, I rarely shop. Mainly because of my super-overwhelming-severe-damn-anxiety, as I worried enormously about this and that. Which was actually not my problem, but I couldn't help it as I think too much about others. I couldn't enjoy my days here, and it sucked.

Now, I'm more stable, and I wish I could enjoy my days as usual. 

I don't like talking about my anxiety, or depression and trauma, or any suicidal thoughts on my blog. I don't mind sharing about my mental health, but it's mainly about the healing process, and how I fight the disorders. Not about how miserable I was, or how this disorder is incurable.

I'd prefer if my readers could see the light as well. If I can, why you can't? :)

And since I'm not going to talk about that but to share my hauls today, so let's get started! Who doesn't love hauls? It makes us happy, aren't we? 😍

So, I think let's start on the first stuff I got at the beginning of March. I got a reversible belt and a super cute bum bag from Tommy Hilfiger. They are so hot, and I feel like I will need them if I prefer something trendy.

I don't remember about the price, you might check them on the UK's website here. (sorry about that) 


I got it for £45

The next one is this Steve Madden big shoulder bag in a pretty blush pink colour. This bag is super useful and large. I can wear it cross-body as well. I grabbed it because I thought I might need a bigger bag for the gym or classes. It's perfect for one day/one night trip as well. 

It looks so pretty! I wore them twice under light rain. I was worried that the colour might change or there'll be stains on the bag, but none both! I was satisfied with my purchase. It's useful when I want to go to the Uni with my husband. I need some space for books and lunch box!


I also got one shoulder bag from DKNY in March. I bought this bag because it looked contemporary stylish and sophisticated. Later, I realised that I rarely wear a shoulder bag and that I probably won't wear it frequently. It's brand new, and I haven't worn it yet.

Now, I'm selling the bag on eBay. The real price is around £168 but I sell it for only £94. If you are perhaps interested in the bag, I can give a special price for my readers. :)

Honestly, I was quite unsure whether I want to sell this bag or just keep it as a collection. It's truly a good-looking bag, and sturdy for a long time.

Although I live in the UK now, I can post it to you if you live in Indonesia or if you live in another country. I'll use Royal Mail because it's the best in the UK. It takes around 5-7 days, and for the shipping fee is around £13.18 to £18.49/kg. It's a reasonable price, and you will get a tracking number. 

For more affordable shipping fee, there's an economy option. The fee is just £9.51/kg but without a tracking number. It takes up to 8 weeks to arrive but usually faster. :)


The next haul is from Ted Baker. Ted Baker is one of the UK designer brands. It is famous for its bow ornament and flower prints. As you can see from the box, it's very beautiful.

I love backpacks, especially for going out. At first, I was thinking to get Michael Kors/Grafea backpack. Michael Kors's backpack doesn't look attractively enough for my taste. However, some backpacks from Grafea are actually looking super adorable and kawaii. 

But, I fell in love with this backpack when I saw it on the website. Moreover, since I've decided to change my fashion style to a more sophisticated and chic, I think this backpack suits me more. 

And so, here is my chic backpack with the beautiful flower illustration. I love it so much! 

TRINDY Opal Drawstring Backpack - £79


The next haul is from Adidas. Adidas is probably my most favourite sports brand due to its style. It's not too athletic – yet stay casual for daily wear. 

I picked a baby pink backpack and a crop top. This was my first batch this year. A few weeks later, I ordered a legging and short for me. Additionally, I also picked a jogger, t-shirt and short pant for my husband. He never wanted to buy clothes for himself, so I need to take the action to pick them for him. He's into board games and Warhammer right now, so he doesn't care about fashion, obviously. 

All in black, because I think they look best in black. It's so iconic and will stay as a classic from Adidas. My husband loves them tho. :)

I got this legging in the wrong size. I picked the 8/S at first because my husband suggested me to get that size. His opinion was based on my other legging from Adidas. I got the size in 8/S before, so he thought this one would be the same.

I felt like I need to get the 10-S instead as it'll be more comfortable for me. The reason was that the fabric is different, and I was correct. This legging isn't as stretchy as my other legging, weird tho. Why don't they just use the same fabric for all their leggings? Lol

What I love about online shopping in the UK is they (mostly) provide us with a free return and exchange. So if I don't like the item, I could send it back to them and they'll refund my money. Or, if the size is incorrect I could send the item back for an exchange.

Our most favourite online store experiences are from Adidas in the UK. Shipping and exchange are fast. We never had any problems with the shipping, plus, we always get special prices! ❤️❤️❤️


About a month ago, I ordered another Ted Baker bag again. I think I really like the fresh and elegant image of most of their products. Some of their bags look pretty but playful at the same time, like this one. I got a bright red coloured bag, it's so lovely and stylish.

I always love Ted Baker's packaging. Look at those pretty flower prints! It made my shopping experience so much better. BUT, their shipping is very slow and their customer service isn't the best, lol. Some of the items I received were not 100% flawless, it probably only 99,9% perfect. But my husband said not everyone can see the detail like me, so I don't need to worry.

I know, I'm a little bit perfectionist.

But, I'm too passive for an exchange or return because the service is way too slow. I still keep the item because some of the pieces were last stock.

Here's my lovely bright red handbag from Ted Baker. I think this is my first bright red bag. It's perfect for Summer! :D

AMALI Leather round crossbody bag - £139


At the beginning of this month, I got two tops and one shoe from Zara. They were on a special price, so why not? It's not a big bargain tho, but the items were lovely. I really want them in my collection. You guys know how much I love clothes. >:)

Zara shipped my items in two shipments because two of the items were not in the UK's warehouse. The shipping was fast. This was my first online shopping experience with Zara and I'm pretty happy. I'm planning to get more soon, but their clothes sold out really fast. :(

I will share some outfits look with them later. I wish this quarantine will be over soon. Did anyone go for an online shopping spree like me during this quarantine? I've noticed that most of the items sold out quickly. I assume I'm not the only one then.

This ballet flat made from real soft leather, and it is designed with AirFit foam. I can't wait to wear this for my casual-chic outfit! When I received the shoes, I quickly brushed them with my leather balsam from Renapur. It's absolutely helpful, and it keeps all my leather items in great condition.


You probably have seen these two Furla bags on my Instagram. They are a birthday present from my husband. I was going to tell you a little bit of the story and the reason why I got these bags, but I don't want to make this post extremely long. I'll make a separate post about it. :)

They're the Furla Eye and Furla 1927 classic.


The next haul was from Coach. I got two bags, they're Tabby 26 in Chalk/Brass and the Messenger sling bag. I purchased them from Coach UK main website. 

I'll share more about them later because I still got some items to share here.


Last week, my package from Ted Baker arrived (again). I'm so happy! This time I ordered three iconic purses in pink and one silk scarf.

They're on my wishlist for sometimes. I finally decided to get them because they were on sale. Yay! I'm thinking to get another washing bag in a different colour/style for storing my camera lenses. I didn't expect that they'll be this cute!

Well, I don't mind sharing some reviews of some of the stuff I got here if you think that's interesting. :)


Besides handbags, I also ordered some clothes from Mango. I picked some for my husband as well. His clothes are actually more expensive than mine, hahaha. 

He rarely got his own clothes, that's why I decided to order some basic and smart pieces for him. Man doesn't need many clothes like woman, he said, lol. But still, he will need some good pieces for a special occasion. He'll thank me later.

I don't mind buying things for the people I love. I've spent some of my first earnings to get designer perfume for my mom many years ago. Since then, I've never passed a year without giving her gifts. I think the most expensive presents I've ever given to her was a set of SKII skincare products.

She never asked for anything, it just me loving her.

She was greatly in shock when she did find out about the SKII price from her nieces. 😅😂
If she asked me about the present I gave her, I always answered that they're not expensive, lol.

I picked white jeans, trouser, denim shirt and one fine cardigan for my husband. He loved them a lot, but both of the pants are a little big for him. We can fix it later at a tailor or send it for a return, but it'll take a very long time. I read most of the reviews about Mango online that their service isn't good at all. It's really sad. Mango is a little bit more expensive than Zara, but if the service sucks, that's not good.

I rarely experienced wrong size clothes because I usually know the size already. It sucks if you pick the wrong size, and you need to send the clothes back. Sometimes the package could be lost, and you won't get your money back. There's always a positive and negative experience if we do online shopping.

I think that's all for this month. See you on my next haul post! :)

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