Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My Going Out Tops

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How are you guys? Still sane during this epidemic? I am really trying to keep my sanity on the full tank cos it's slowly killing me. I know as an introvert staying at home is not a problem for me, but the tense really hit me hard during the first few days of the lockdown in the UK.

I have tried to keep myself calm like keep doing some of my usual activities like reading, writing and cooking. Plus a new addition, like watching some films but sometimes it didn't really seem to work fantastically. My anxiety, yes, I find it hard to cope with it lately.

One more thing that cutely sparks a little joy in me is unbelievably shopping for some clothes, shoes and bags. Not for any special occasion, but it just my old habit starts to appear again during these so-called quarantine days.

I'm most relaxed when I browse through my wardrobe, I mean it's like my little treasure. I love fashion since I was a kid, but I didn't have any chances to get some clothes for my self back then. I was a poor kid okay with no money, lol. After I started to get some money for myself (without my parent's help), I felt like floating on the fluffy clouds.

Do you get what I mean? It's girl stuff you know. 🥰

Last week the weather was nice and warm, the sun was out for some days. Unfortunately, we should be staying at home and no Going Out. How sad, so I like pretending that I'm going out and playing dress-up at home.

Lately, I love collecting any milk-maid tops, especially if it's white. Actually, any colours are okay as long as it looks pretty on my body. This style was a bomb last year, you can see many celebrities were rocking this top.

Milk-maid tops will flatter your collar bone and your chest. But since it compliments the front and top part of my body, I need to make sure that my area is fresh enough to show.

Some people don't like a zipper on the front of their tops, but I don't really care. It's hassle-free to wear, quick and actually kinda shape my body. The cut of this top kinda looks like a corset, don't you think? That's what makes this piece my favourite at the moment.

If you noticed, I had the same top like the one in this post, that one is in pink, but this one is in camel. The main reason why I got this top again is that it's comfortable. Some of the organza fabrics feel itchy on the skin, but this one is not, it's soft. Many people can't stand an organza cos no one wants to scratch her skin. I know that sometimes we could get low-quality fabric and stitches, but this one is an exemption.

The second reason was that this top/blouse is really charming, I really mean it. I joined the front tie to a cute bow around my neck, it's adorable. This colour will suit most skin tone, I believe. And the delicate flower pattern caught me genuinely. I wish Femme Luxe will stock more colour for this lovely floral top.

It's adorable, I can't stop loving this little piece. It looks perfect with almost anything, trousers, skirts, hot pants or jeans.

The last one in this post is this tight bodysuit with a funny butterfly-shaped sleeve in polka-dot pattern. I sometimes acknowledge whenever I get white clothes, I wish the fabric is thick enough. But for some people, that won't be a problem because they feel comfortable with their own body and they're not afraid to show it.

I am kinda exposed to that kind of thinking as well, I think it's fine to love our body just as it is. When you love your fat, your curve, any clothes will look great. I don't mind wearing sheer clothing as long as it suits me and flatters my fashion style.

Bodysuits are one of the most must-have items right now. It makes my waist looks sleek and small because of the secret under the pants, lol. I don't need to fix the bottom of my tops again now, it's a relieved!

The criss-cross detail on the chest and the low neck gives those sensual vibes to this top. I put on a black leather legging to pair with this bodysuit, I think it fits well. It's unusual for some people, but jeans are absolutely a safe choice. If you're curious to see if you can rock the leather/PU trend, then you should try to get one like me.

I've never expected that I will have some leather or PU pieces in my wardrobe. I thought that I wouldn't dare to wear it because I felt I couldn't pull it off. It turns out that one piece leads to other cloths, later it becomes a bunch.

I wouldn't mind trying something new as long as it suits my body.

Which one do you like most?

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