Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Fashion Coords 0.5 - Dusty Pink & White

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Hi guys, now we're finally hit the middle of March. I want to mention some new clothes that I got recently, and they are all gorgeous and charming. Lately, with various issues around the world that make people panic, what if we stop and shop some cute clothes that will make us happier?

Floral and Sheer

Dusty pink is one of those pink colours that looks unbelievably mature and sweet at the same time. I've never had to take the liking to bright or hot pink colour because I think it's too much for me, and it doesn't suit my style. This pink shade has those elegant and dreamy vibes that let I fall in love! 

This lovely top is unique and flowy. I love the pattern on this see-through organza fabric that is attached to this ribbed tank top. The neck part is longer than the other so I can tie the ribbon with it as a decoration for my neck. It looks so pretty and chic.

I'd love to wear this blouse with trousers or skirts.

It's the Cape

I secretly want this kind of white dress with a cape-style. I don't know, but I think this piece is very cool. The asymmetrical zipper gives an unusual statement and completes the look. It makes me look like a lady boss.

The neckline is a bit low, so I wear a bralette inside, or perhaps next time – any corset tops would be lovely as well.

The dress itself comes with a bodycon shape, so it flatters my body, and somewhat makes me look slimmer. I love it and can't wait to wear this to a special event! :)

My husband said that the cape looks like superman, and it makes me look like a superwoman. lol

Dusty but posh

The next one is this dusty pink top, but this isn't just any top, it's a bodysuit. I have the urge to collect many clothes with dusty-kinda shade. I'm so obsessed with bodysuits lately because I love how the edge is seamless and shape my body. It's neat and tight to the body.

This sheer bodysuit comes with a very exquisite fabric plays on the front. The little ruffle on the front makes this bodysuit a steal in a show. It suits a casual hangout with the gangs but still very sumptuous for an evening party.

The stretchy and delicate fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear. This floaty bodysuit is dreamy and pretty. I'm so obsessed with it as I wish Femme Luxe have more colour variation for this adorable item like lilac and beige.

Not your usual addition

The last piece in this post is a structured white coloured bodysuit that is purposedly perforated in the middle. It's not exactly a hole, but the pattern and the cut leaves a space just above the waist. It looks a bit odd, but strangely, I quite like the eccentricity of this creation.

Besides the structured-shoulder-cut that makes my shoulder looks broader, this piece also has a wrap style on the front to soften the explicit line. I like a bold top like this because of the positive message it brings that a woman is permitted to look strong.


I pair this well-defined bodysuit with jeans. It'll look sophisticated with a dark bottom tho.

In our culture, women still demanded to look frail and not intimidating. The more flimsy you look, the more you are wanted. I think it's ridiculous, especially in some Asian cultures, even in some religions we must be submissive to the men.

I think structured clothes doesn't make you look intimidating. Instead, it will flatter those with narrow shoulders and the one with unflattering posture. It's all about the attitude and style. Fashion can complement our body, appearance and shape.

Let's enjoy and appreciate the fashion existence and have fun with it, shall we? This world is pitch-dark without fashion. Stay chic and sassy!



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