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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Chic Black Blazer 🖤

Just like what I've stated here, I wanted to collect more blazers for my wardrobe. This black blazer from Lookbook Store is probably the last piece (for blazer) for this year. I have got one in a checkered pattern here and the other one in pastel colour here. They are all really comfortable and nicely cut.

This Black Lapel Front-Button Side-Pockets Blazer looks good with leggings and bralettes. Besides that, it looks chic to be layered on a little black dress. Pair them with black court heels for a bit modest aura. One of my friends said that my look got a bit of Jennie' s Blackpink vibes in it. Do you think so? 🤔 I love her tho! ❤️

This look appears to be a little bit sporty but still has that neat feeling. Would you like to try this style sometimes? I wear this blazer with a bralette, it looks somewhat hot in some ways, but I think a bralette makes it appealing.

I like how this simple blazer is a staple to my wardrobe; I can pair it with almost anything. Whenever I want to look a bit formal, I'll wear it with jeans or trousers and a thin turtleneck, or a blouse. I can bring a tube top or a simple bodysuit in my bag and attempt for a change after the meetings, after that I'm ready to hang out with the girls.

The material is good, the cutting is sleek, and it has an under-lining, so the touch is soft to my skin. I love all my clothes from Lookbook store so far as they all have a good material quality, and they're still good after a few washes. In cold weather, I found their knitted sweaters are very useful for daily/loungewear. 

Are you looking for good quality and affordable blazer as well for an addition to your wardrobe? I recommend this store as they come from a trusted company. Hopefully, you'll love their stuff like me.

Talk to you soon,

xx Comi

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