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Sunday, December 08, 2019

All-Purpose Checkered Blazer

I think since last year, I have decided to collect more blazer for my daily outfit. Mainly because I want to look more like an adult, and of course, chic. Everyone I met here always thinks I'm still 22-25ish, I take it as a compliment though. It just, Comi wants to look more mature! And having some blazers for mix and match is not a bad idea.

The checkered pattern always looks classy, especially if they come with small lines and a clean cut. I chose this Double-Breasted Flap Pockets Plaid Lapel-Blazer from Lookbook Store in Blue as a new addition to my collection.

A blazer always looks trendy if you pair it with a crop top and denim bottom (the long one please), or a lace bodysuit. You can choose any colour you want as long as it still looks good, claims it as a statement ladies.

I like my blazer fits loose than real-fit, it looks more casual like this, but it depends on the occasion. It's better if you get the one that is true-to-size if you plan to wear it to work, it looks smarter and more sophisticated.

While me, because I intended to wear this for fashion, I don't mind if it's a bit oversized. If you're wondering about the size, I picked size S.

blazer looks lovely if you wear it with a casual dress, but in this post, I match it with my favourite strapless bodycon dress. Just add more makeup, and I'm ready for a surprised casual party. Don't you agree?

xx, Comi

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