Friday, September 06, 2019

SK-II Facial Treatment Loose Powder Review

Have you ever heard of the famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence? Some of SK-II's skincare products are super phenomenal, especially in Asia because of the patented brightening properties 'Pitera' that you can only find in SK-II products. However, today, I'm not going to talk about the goddess of essence that is a favourite to almost Asian beauty enthusiast.

I want to talk about their loose powder, well, maybe it's new for you?

I know SK-II's price is definitely high, making it one of the most expensive products out there. How about the quality?

I got this loose powder while I was in Indonesia, I bought it from the retail. At that time, I wanted to buy a soft and fine loose powder that won't clog my pores. I could say after more than 1 year of usage, this loose powder doesn't clog my pores at all. That is a plus.

As you can see from the picture above, the size is quite big, make it super bulky to bring on a trip. It comes with a beautiful burgundy-red colour, which I think looks elegant.

There is a thin plastic sifter inside the plastic divider, but, it's quite a problem to use the sifter (for me). I find it a bit hassle so I don't use the sifter much for everyday use.

The big puff is soft and fluffy, but I prefer to use my brush sometimes to set my make up quickly for a more natural finish.

The powder itself has microscopic particles, it is excellent for controlling the oil on my nose. I think the accurate way to describe the result is a satin skin that isn't too matte. I've never experienced the oh-so-matte look by this powder as this powder will blend to my skin in a few minutes.

It has a soft beige colour, but almost transparent when applying to the skin. Personally, I think this powder suits people with fair to medium skin tone because it has a brightening effect, but since it's colourless I guess you can try if you're curious!

So, is this good for oily skin? I don't know. My skin is sensitive, normal to combination with a bit freckles on my cheek and acne scars on my jaw. I find it's good for controlling the oil on my nose and jaw. It sets everything on my skin if I wear my primer and foundation at the same time, the result is like my own skin.

I really love this loose powder because I think the formula isn't just like other finishing powder I have tried, I like something that is soft on my skin and doesn't make my skin breakouts. A powder that makes my skin looks healthy and less like zombie. It has calming properties on my skin, and I don't think I'm going to change my loose powder for a long time except if I find something better.

Because of my love for this product, I've been featured on Datumou-recipe here for 10 Beauty Bloggers’ Favorite Japanese Products article. You could check the post as well by clicking the link to see the other 9 products from Japan and my short opinion for this loose powder there.

Suggestion: Use HD Stippling brush

1. Doesn't breakouts my skin.
2. The powder is ethereal and delicate.
3. Controls the oil on my nose.
4. Satin and natural finish.
5. Colourless on skin.

1. Price
2. The bulky container
3. Useless sifter

Purchase again? YES

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