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Monday, September 30, 2019

Eiffel Date with husband

I smell the air of the old house in Paris; it was a bit woody and mushy. I checked the clock on my phone and realised it was the time to get up. I quickly went to the bathroom, did everything I need in the morning, and dress up chicly. 😳

After I finished my make up and hair, it was my husband's turn to use the bathroom. I strolled to the kitchen and heated some croissant on a pan. The butter's smell quickly fills the room; it was warm, like the ideal morning in Paris.

I prepared some smoked salmon, eggs, and fruits in a bowl for our breakfast. When husband finished his bath, the breakfast was ready, and we enjoyed the time together.

"You look so beautiful today," said my husband. I thanked him and kissed him; we were both in a good mood. The weather was pretty good that day; it was sunny with a soft breeze.

"I hope it's not raining today," I prayed. πŸ™πŸ»

We brought an umbrella in case there's rain, but I had a good feeling about our date. It was going to be awesome.

We walked down through the stairs; it was hundreds of steps to reach the ground floor. The building was old, it was built 500 years ago, how unusual is that?

I've never thought I could experience living in an old Parisian apartment. It was lovely. Then, husband and I hold hands, and the song of Paris was playing in my brain continuously. 🎼

The sun was radiating through the honey locus trees, the golden beam hit my face, and there were shadows of the trees on the road.

It was sweet, I won't trade that precious moment for anything else. ☺️

We stopped to buy some groceries before we continue to Eiffel, it was fun strolling around the local organic market near our flat.

We went to take the Metro because Eiffel is located pretty far from our flat. It didn't bother me, but the Metro was super crowded, and we need to pay attention to our bags.

Then we stopped at Trocadéro and walked for a few minutes to reach the most famous Tower in the world. I was stunned because it looks like an independent lady that is strong, confident and charming at the same time. 🀩

No wonder Eiffel tower is the icon of Paris and loved by many around the world despite the gender.

It was the second time for my husband to view Eiffel. My husband said he never expects that he could visit this site with me, and he was happy to be there with me. ❤️

We had a long walk around the tower, sat on one bench near the fountain, it was a real date without anyone following us. I feel grateful, and I thanked God for making my dreams come true. πŸ˜‡

After a laid back strolling around Eiffel Tower, we walked to find a toilet. It was challenging to find a public toilet in Paris, and if I found one, it was nasty. I hope the government will care more about this in the future. We need more public toilet. πŸ˜”

I got a pack of Bonne Maman's madeleine, I used to bake this shell-shaped cakes when I was still in Indonesia, and I love it a lot. 😍

We wandered to see the city of Paris; the Petite Palais, the Grand Palais, Les Invalides, the bridge and other monuments we've spotted on the road. It was an all-day date that I will cherish for the rest of my life. πŸ₯°

Les Invalides

Husband swears that this crepe is his favourite.

Pont Alexandre III

somewhere near Les Invalides

Grand Palais

Petite Palais

Paris is truly fascinating. Before we decided to go back to our flat, we bought some baguettes at this award-winning boulangerie. The baguettes were lovely, it just I think it'll taste better fresh in the morning.

We had our dinner in our flat, and after that, we travelled to the Eiffel tower once more after the sky gets dark. Eiffel looked so pretty in the night with all the lights.

delicious baguettes, miam~

vintage look Eiffel at night

Eiffel and the carousel

I didn't regret my determination to cancel our honeymoon's plan last year. My family supported my choice as well, so I didn't wanna care about what other people might think about it.

Sometimes we have fears of being different, and people will judge us for that. I realised that what fits others doesn't mean that it'll suit us. And since everything moves smoothly until now, I think it's God's plan all the way.

So I attempted to focus on what was important at that moment and told my husband about what I think, he agreed and asked me twice to make sure that I didn't feel disappointed.

I stated, "Don't worry, we can have honeymoons later in the future, anytime we want as long as we have the time and the money." πŸ˜„

It turns out God gives me more and more honeymoon after I move to the UK. I don't know when this happiness will last, but I believe God shall provide what He thinks is best for us and what we deserve.

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