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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Don't be discouraged

There are people who like to drag you down by their insults, criticisms and humorous put-downs.

They could be anyone.

Being active on social media isn't easy. People will judge you. Not everyone will appreciate your effort to bring content and your insight to help others.

There are countless fake accounts out there ready to tear you down, anytime. Some are just following you with their inactive accounts to point out your flaws, to humiliate you without thinking about your feelings. Well, they don't care tho.

They'll leave you anytime (it's up to them tho), but they'll show up when they want to get something from you then they'll leave again when they don't win.

They might drop one insult based on one innocent selfie of your bare face. They'll keep their negative behaviour as long as their identity disguised.

Are you wondering why they're so toxic? Let them, don't waste your time.

These people are insecure, yes, insecure. They are unhappy, ungrateful and ignorant. They're just arrogant cowards who think highly about themselves (but deep inside they know they aren't, that's why they're insecure). They throw insults behind the screens to make them feel better about themselves, but actually, they slowly make their life more miserable. At some point, they're stuck with their negativity.

They might be saying that you are fat, but in real life, they feel insecure with their own body. They might be saying that you look plastic, but in real life, they stare at their idols all day wondering when they will look like them (in fact, they can't, so they insult you). They might be dropping heartless words when you share about your little happiness to drag you down, but in real life, they're lonely and bitter.

I feel sorry for people who need to do that, truly, it's pathetic.

These people, they want to put you down, they want to make you feel small. However, I think it's okay to feel small. When you feel small, you can see ordinary things bigger and appreciate little things around you better.

These toxic people are far from love. When you have love in your heart, you won't be salty when you see other people happy. When you learn how to love as God loves you; you spread the love, you support others, you don't criticise others for your comfort.

When they don't sincerely love themselves, they don't know how to love others.

What you possibly can do is: ignore them. Don't let their negativities reach you. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life becomes.

I usually laugh at it. I realise when I let it slips into my brain, it distracts me from my life. I try to focus on what's more important in my life. Mat and I feel so grateful for our life now as we went through a lot of hardships before. We have many challenges and plans for our future. I don't think I have free time for toxic people.

I wish they will consciously reflect themselves, try to sincerely love and accept themselves and repent to what they've done. Whether they admit it or not, they attack others mentally, and I think it’s a crime.

remember this,
"a negative mind & behaviour will never give you a positive life"  :)

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