Friday, October 05, 2018

Little Jokes

It was a sunny day in Birmingham that morning, I woke up with my wet nose and messy hair, turned my head right to see my husband but he wasn't there. The sunshine was peeking from our vintage curtain while the sky revealed its beautiful blue colour.

I called him with a loud voice, but he didn't answer. Maybe my voice wasn't loud enough for him to hear me. Half-awake, I felt like continuing my sleep, because you know what, sleeping has always been a luxury for me. Sleeping is something I don't have in my daily life, that's why Mat constantly let me sleep whenever I could do.

I called him once more, louder, but he didn't reply. Curious, I went down from my bed and checked the living room, but he wasn't there as well. 'Sayang?', I called him while I walked to the kitchen slowly, hoped everything is okay. I tried to catch any sound from the bathroom, but I heard nothing. I waited for a few minutes, hoped he'd come out from the bathroom but again, he didn't.

I bravely walked to the bathroom's direction and saw a spot of sunshine on the floor, it was from the backyard door! 'Ah, now I get it!', I talked to my self, smiling. He must be at the backyard enjoying the sun and didn't hear me. I thought I wanted to trick him just a little bit, may I?

'Sayanggg, sayaaangggg, where are you?', I shouted loudly with tremble voice. He rushed to the house and replied, 'YES? What happened? Sayang?'. He was running with a tensed face tried to find me. I hid behind the kitchen's wall, held my laugh and waited to shock him.

He quickly ran to the back door, almost passed me by while he was running to the living room, then he turned his head, held my arms and said, 'what happened to you? are you okay?'

'I-I'm sorry sayang, I was outside that's why I didn't hear you', he explained.

His brown eyes looked terrified and worried. I felt sorry all sudden, I didn't expect his reaction will be like that. I was dumbfounded by the fact that he worried about me that much. I nervously replied him, 'Erm... sayang, I'm okay! I'm sorry, I just want to trick you a bit. Please don't be mad. OK?'

'Oh, that's okay! I thought there was something happened to you!'. His voice seemed relieved, I could see his expression look less tensed. Alright, I just wanted to tease him a little bit, but after this incident, I don't think I could make him worried again.

Matt can rarely get mad at me. He said I've never done something wrong to him so why should he be mad if there is nothing wrong. And with all my jokes, he just thinks that I'm funny or I crave for his attention. Is that indicates that I can continue my jokes? :)

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