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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Soft Wine Make Up Tutorial

Hey guys, it's been a while (too long for I can remember) since my latest make up tutorial. Things happened and I lost my confidence in making video, even in blogging. I went through a deep depression which made me lost interest in anything, I lost my passion and dream.

But luckily, God is great. I'm not going to talk about my depression in this post (maybe someday if I'm ready) but I'm so excited to share my new Make Up tutorial today! Yaayyy! :D

Honestly, I got my energy from my Fiance and my followers on Instagram, without them I couldn't find courage to do this anymore.. I just felt like, I can't do it. But I remember the love I put when people find my tutorial helpful for them, even just 1 people, I'm so glad. I love to see everyone looks prettier and feel confident with themselves.

We're allowed to be what we wanted to be as long as we don't harm anyone, right?

SO, here's the tutorial. I hope you like it!
Kindly leave some feedbacks if you think I need to improve something or if you have any requests. 

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!
I hope I can make more videos in the future. And oh, the video is in Bahasa Indonesia, I'll put an english translation to it later :)

Good luck guys!

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