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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Awaururu Cleansing Foam Review (Creamy!)

I'm a sucker when it comes to cleansing my face, I like the feeling when my face clean and ready for skin care. Ever since I can remember, I love trying new facial wash as long it can create foam and doesn't make my skin feels tight.

Cleansing & washing our face may seems pretty simple, right? Splash some water, rub in a little cleanser, and rinse? But there's something more that we need to take a note. A proper facial cleansing prevents acne breakouts and can improve skin health.

But to get the most out of our daily cleansing routine, it takes a little more care and consideration; such as choosing cleanser the right cleanser for our skin type.

My skin is dry combination and a little bit sensitive. I noticed that every time I didn't cleanse my face thoroughly I got skin inflammation or an acne. I heard that sensitive skin should use a mild cleanser or something like Cetaphil, but I still haven't try that tho.

I can't avoid Japanese cleansing wash especially if they can make big creamy foam to clean the dirt and oil on my face. I LOVEEE it cos it soo bubbly, foamy, bouncy and makes my face feels soo clean, hehe.

I got this Awaruru Facial Wash from my trip to Mount Fuji, this product only available at some stores around Mount Fuji area so you can't get this anywhere else. I was amazed by some products I tried during my onsen time, they are all so good!

By the fact that they only available in limited area so I bought some products from Mount Fuji including Awaruru.

I couldn't read Japanese but judged from what I saw in that store, this should create a fuwa fuwa creamy bubble foam and cleanse our skin from all dirts, oils and makes our skin soft and smooth without tight feeling.

Take a note that this kind of cleanser doesn't clean your make up so it best if you use cleansing oil/cream first. This applies to any regular Cleansing/Washing product out there.

It's different with cleansing product made for make up, if you wear make up you must clean your face with make up remover first!

Choose Cleansing cream if you have super dry skin, Cleansing Oil or Gel if you have normal skin and Cleansing water or any water based for Oily skin.

My skin type is dry to combination and sensitive, I choose Cleansing Oil because it doesn't makes my skin too dry or too moist after cleansing. But sometimes if my condition dropped my skin tends to turn reaally dry, at that time I use Cleansing Cream instead.

I always use Awaruru twice a day, in the morning and before sleep. Creating a creamy bubble foam is so easy with Awaruru, it takes a little time but worthy after it. I like how it feels on my skin, covering my whole face with the creamy bubble from Awaruru makes me feel soooo relax. 

When cleansing, rub our face gently to avoid irritation and skin inflammation caused by the stroking.

Though I like this cleansing foam, its hard to get this product so after its finish I will get another brand. I bought this product for 1000 yen, not that cheap like other Face Wash I can get in Matsumoto Kiyoshi like Biore, Novea, Bouncia etc.

I love to try new cleansing product as long as it doesn't smell too strong. This cleanser doesn't have any scent and I love it! It's easy to create creamy foam as well, I only use my palm to create the foam but I can get bigger foam if I use my foaming net.

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