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Thursday, April 06, 2017


Where you should visit when you go to Akihabara and you only have like few hours to strolling around the district? First thing first, the first time I arrived in Akihabara station I looked at the map and notice that AKB48 Cafe is near there. I planned to go inside but no one want to accompany me so I canceled the plan... pui

Because I was quite disappointed, I only peeked from the outside like a freak wota and hope I could see some cute girls from the outside, lol. I wanted to be served by cute girls! TT___TT

You also can purchase ticket for the theater from here but it wasn't in operation that morning, well I didn't have the time so I keep exploring the other information there.

Yes! Yes! You can pick whoever you want in this list to be your date for a day! pfft (okay in your dream) :p

Who is your Oshi if you have any? I adore Tomo-chin the most, other than that I like A-chan and Yukirin as well. *-*

Because this is a 'Cafe' they sell some foods made by the member from Akb48, of course it's not literally made by them okay (you wish) haha but I heard it's their favorite dishes or designed by them.

Once again, I still feel disappointed because I really want to try the food and experience inside the cafe... Some of the meals aren't that special, but if it's made by your Oshi you wouldn't reject it right? Hahahahah okay I think this thingy is specifically marketed for boys. Right? What do you think about the Grand Menu below? lol

Actually most of the meals are really simple food but it's not bad to try it for a new experience, you could eat what your idol's favorite as well, why not? If you're a hardcore Akb48's fans, I think you won't regret your experience here, save your money now wotageis! 

And oh, they have character Gachapons as well, they placed it near the cafe so you might actually notice them.

Not too far from Akb48 Cafe you can find this Gundam Cafe. Yes, I know some of you are really freak with Gundam, some of my guy friends are like that as well. Not my kind of thing but I'd love to see what they offers.

Japanese creativity is endless, they turn everything to a Cafe and serve food with the theme! Just like One Piece Baratie and Doraemon's Cafe in Kawaguchi, Gundam Cafe sells foods with Gundam theme which is quite interesting. Wanna try?

Akihabara is paradise for Otaku, Weaboo and whatever you called them. In Japan, you must walk! Walk and walk, you can find almost anything in Japan. If you like collecting anime figure, nendoroid, cds, manga, etc, this is the place where you can find all of the Otaku goods!

Beside of that Akiba (shorter term for Akihabara) is popular for countless electronic store there. The popular one is Yodobashi and Sofmap. As everybody know, Japan's electronic has a good quality and affordable.

You can find Donkihote as well in Akihabara, there's Akb48 theater on the 8F floor. Donkihote is a place where you can get your make up products, beauty products, hair, cosplay, gifts, snacks and souvenirs. I found my self lost for hours inside the store and bought so maaaany random things... 

If you want to experience Maid Cafe in Japan, you should go to Maid Dreamin. But some of the cafes won't serve tourist for many various reasons. So it's recommended if you collect the information first before randomly drop inside the cafe.

I think I spent my time for 3-4 hours in Akihabara. After that I went to Harajuku to buy some things and had my dinner at Yoshinoya again (well it's cheap and good), this time I add a raw egg to my Gyudon and it tastes like heaven! You should try raw egg in Japan, it's really good and not smelly at all.

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