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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

How to Beauty Sleep?

Hello ladies, are you the one who willing to stay awake for the sake of your favorite drama, anime or manga? If you're still teenager then maybe sacrificing your slumber time wouldn't have any noticeable effect for your skin. But when your age reach 25, everything changes..

dress is from ZARA (Shanghai)

I know some of you probably have a bustling life. For people who work full time from the morning until night, we need something to entertain our day! Make it movies, books or even random parties at night with your colleagues. I know, I know ¬_¬

For me, reading and writing are something that keeps me awake, sometimes I designed many random things in my brain or in my little notes. I always think that 24/1 isn't enough and wish I could get more hours in 1 day which is not going to happen. lol

This is my bad habit; I always love Midnight, I feel more alive and ideas floating around my head. A good sleep is truly a luxury for me, I suffer from Insomnia and I don't sleep well. I always getting less than 6 hours sleep and it’s likely affecting my appearance, it leaves my skin dry and become more sensitive. I heard that caused my fine lines look more visible..

But since the beginning of 2017, I want to make change in my sleeping habit! This is really simple and I will keep this routine last. It was so hard for the first months because there're many unfriendly conditions for me... but gladly I keep trying and trying, now I'm on my 3rd week without fail, yeay!

This ordinary beauty routine might be too ordinary for you, but believe me and keep reading ;)

To summarize, I'm writing these 5 benefits of Beauty Sleep that I noticed on my self.

1. Glowing Complexion

When I sleep, my body boost blood flow to the skin, they work at healing and repairing daily damage I got everyday. I try to get 7-9 hours sleep at least 1-3 times a week; I notice my skin look more radiant, healthy and the elasticity improves.

I remember when I used an expensive serum to boost my complexion, I wonder why it didn't works.. That was when I skimp on my sleep regularly and my complexion looks drab and lifeless. :(

Now I rarely put make up on daily basis because I love looking at my natural glowing skin. :)

2. Reduce Acne

When I am well rested, I realize my acne is gradually diminished as it boost the healing process when I get enough sleep. My night cream works better to accelerate the restorative process to repairs more skin cells.

Do you know that skimping on sleep also increases your levels of inflammation and stress hormones, which can throw your immune system out of whack and countless skin problems like acne occurs. Ekh, now I know the reason why my skin gets breakout so badly few years ago. It's because of hormonal imbalance and the real culprit was my only 2 - 4 hours of sleep every day. -___-

3. Youthful Look

During the deeper phases of our sleep, our body produces growth hormone, which repairs daily damage from outside like sun exposure and pollution. Beauty Sleep creates new cells so we wake up looking brighter, fresher, and more vibrant. I also notice that my skin’s elasticity and softness improves gradually.

Do you know that our skin makes new collagen when we sleep? It prevents sagging and makes our skin look plump, young and firm. We are getting older, our skin aging as well.. and it couldn't produce collagen like when we were young. Beside maintain our diet, we must maintain our sleep as well.

Now I'm using a night cream that contains Angelica extract to keep my skin hydrated all night. With good rest the night cream works magically and my skin looks dewy and fresh in the next morning!

4. Happier Appearance, Better mood.

Being short on sleep can make my facial expressions change in subtle and consistent ways. I look frown, my eyes swollen and red, dark circles, not getting enough sleep makes me look like a pale unhappy zombie. Getting enough sleep leads to a long list of benefits for my looks.

'I remember my date said I look so messy, haha.'

Just 1/2 weeks of not getting enough sleep could leave me feeling angry and stressed out, just not my usual self. I'm trying so hard to get back on my healthy sleeping routine and I'm happy that I keep on track.

People who don't get enough rest are also seen as less healthy than when they’re rested. I notice when I keep doing beauty sleep in a consistent time, it helps increase my energy levels and improve my productivity! I feel my concentration and memory perform a lot better these few weeks.

Try to have a deep and good rest for 1 month and you will feel more positive, energetic and beautiful! Sometimes there're days when we can't control our sleeping habit because of many situations but remember to always keep on track. That's okay. But one thing to remind you sleeping beauties, do beauty sleep not hibernate lol. (staring at my sister)

5. Easier to Lose Weight

This is something that I notice since 2 years ago. If I'm not getting enough sleep for my body, it's hard to drop much fat after workout. Do you know that one of the main reason for some people to lose weight is Hormone? Yes, it's Cortisol. And whenever you lack of sleep, this stress Hormone rises and your Brain creates an illusion that you are hungry and you want more food! How dangerous is that?

I notice when I get enough Sleep (at least 6-8 hours), my late snacking habit reduced.. And I let my muscle rest at it best so the next day when I wake up, my body feels so much lighter and I see my belly looks tighter. I will try to keep this Sleeping habit forever! lol

If you're wondering why it's so hard for you to lose weight after countless diet and workout, maybe it's your sleeping pattern!


Getting enough of Beauty Sleep makes me feel more Positive, I look more refreshed and perform better, I feel I can do everything! I keep my sleeping pattern consistent and it helps me manage my Diet a lot easier. 

And the most important thing is my skin! Many people say I have a soft and smooth skin (well I do have freckless & flaws), to be honest I never do a special treatment for my skin back then. In fact, I neglected it a lot. But since I'm getting older, I try to do something good for my self like go to facial, massage and spa. It works magically with the consistent Beauty Sleep. ;)

I'm not saying that I am the expert in this Beauty field but this post is merely to share about how I feel after getting enough of sleep and it turns that I've got so many benefits from it. Therefore, sleeping beauties, let’s quickly hop into bed tonight!

I'm thinking to share about my healthy diet if anyone interested in that, lol. See ya!

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