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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Similarly Beautiful

We connect too fast and it's scary,
I want to control my heart but I can't,
It always as easy as switch on/off, at first..,

every time I see you
I lose my guard unconsciously,
cos when I'm with you,
I'm spiritually satisfied 
and I don't regret it.

Our soul weirdly sticked together,
we're similarly beautiful,
and so are you,
I love your smile.

I could sleep blanketed by your smile.

You feed my emotionally space,
but sometimes you left me empty.
I feel hot and cold,
what you really want?

For hours you disappear,
and by second you come up with your song.
I feel hot and cold,
what you really want?

Every one pushed me too tight,
too little times,
I took the wrong way for the best.
In your eyes, I'm Judas.

should we leave this country and move to La La Land?

I woke up from a heavenly dream,
looking for you beside me but I can't find you.
In one night everything changed,
and the day after tomorrow is like a

I could feel the love from the scale is real and stubborn..

Your love is intense and magical
how can I forget?
This feeling will always here,
there's no words can explain,
all memories will stay.

If you don't realize, 
we're already together.. forever,
lift your head and look at the sky,
because Sun and Clouds always stick together.

One thing you need to know,
letting go doesn't mean loving less.

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