Thursday, November 19, 2015

Miam Miam Patisserie

Now introducing my small cafe which I created with my sister. After so many hard works, finally we've finished it! Just like what I've promised on my post here, I'm going to share more about Miam Miam. And thank you so much for all the kind messages there /// 嬉しい~!

MiamThe French equivalent to "yum," or "yummy."  Used to designate satisfaction, liking, or pleasure.

I've always dreamt of a cute cafe with fancy design and a small boutique inside. I think it's very personal. I love to hang out alone, reading books, having a cup of tea and dessert at a cute cafe. 

After my trip to Japan in 2014, I saw many small cafes and boutique in Harajuku and Shibuya. I was concious that a small Cafe is allowed to be realized too. In Jakarta, people loves anything mainstream and luxurious, I can't have something like that now because I don't have that budget.. And in my mind, a small cafe maybe enough for me :>

My sister and I, with all the things we had, we bravely create Miam Miam. A little store where we make our living, we start everything from 0.

Miam Miam is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, we choose this area after a long debate with our dad. Actually, we (me and my sister) wanted to buy a place in South Jakarta because we thought it's better for the business. But our worry-dad suggested Pik area instead because it's more private and not that far from our home. And so we bought and renovated it..

To reach Miam Miam is easy, it's not located in the crowded 'Ruko' area but not in the housing area either. Some friends have asked us why we didn't make it at the commercial area, that's because we can't afford it, we need about (more than) 12 billions to have it. We two sisters where got such amount in 1 year? lol.

Miam Miam is like a workshop for us now. The concept is, we want to serve you best homemade pastry with the best ingredients we can get, you tasted what you spent. Use only best quality ingredients and home recipe, presents it with low calories rule so you can eat without worry. Satisfy your sweet food craving at Miam Miam Patisserie comfortably.

On the first floor, you'll find the white garden with Roses at the outside of the store. My sister was inspired from Beauty and the Beast. Fyi, she has designed all the interior (even the boutique!), I can't imagine if I don't have her.

There's a table and seats outside for smoking people (if you do). And yes you're allowed to take casual photo here (of course) lol.

Inside, there's a bar where you can choose Miam Miam specialities, macarons and pastries. Our Macaron is made from 100% Almond Flour and low in calories because I reduced the amount of sugar in it. 

People often asked how I do it because Macaron's important ingredient is sugar. Well, that's my secret, teehee. After a lot of research, I created my own version of Macaron, where it is guilt-free and not overly sweet! Each Macaron only contain 30-35 calories, haha.

My sister once asked me why I love Macarons so much, that's because Macaron is a super cute and elegant dessert. It is made with my favorite type of nuts 'Almond' which has so many benefits for my body. And paired best with tea. I can't live my life without a cup of tea and macaron every day.

On the second floor, Miam Miam has a little space for you to gather with your friend or your loved ones. With only 8 seats, you can set a private gathering/party with your community and have fun in our little wonderland. (more info can ask via LINE)

Miam Miam has opened for few weeks (but I haven't officially open it) because we wanted to try running the store and cafe at the same time before I officially publish it on my social media. At first we accept delivery order with Gojek via LINE but I heard from my sister that the price has increased, so if you want to order a delivery you must use the Gojek application so it is cheaper.

And I think now is the time to officially publish and open Miam Miam to the public. We're still looking for a part-time waiter on the weekend so if you're interested (or any people you know) can try to apply, lol. If you live near Pik area and looking for a part-time job or new experience on the weekend, welcome!

Start from today (20.11.2015) to the end of this year, Miam Miam hold a 10% discount on weekdays (Tuesday-Friday) For Dine In and Takeaway only. This applied to all our desserts including Eclairs, Cupcakes, etc, drinks are excluded. This promotion has no minimum purchase.

November's - Marie Lily, a Japanese-style petit gateau. An Elegant light chiffon cake with Italian buttercream and toasted Almond, plus a blueberry surprise in the centre. 

Midori, is a soft Matcha layered cake with Milky Vanilla Cream Cheese. Miam Miam only use original Matcha from Kyoto (same as The Vert; Matcha Macaron). 

Haha yes I've imported the Matcha Powder from Kyoto, one of my friend said I'm crazy lol.

Best Chocolate Eclair, ever! (said some customers). Use original recipe from France, hehe if you love Dark Chocolate you should try it!

Creamy Peanut Butter Eclair, made with homemade Peanut butter and meringue butter. Topped with Nuts and Cocoa.
Before this official announcement, some of my followers have visited Miam Miam on the weekend so they can meet me. I feel so loved with the support from my lovely girls, thank you so much! Sorry if I can't accompany you too long for chit chat because I need to do my job lol, but you can ask me anything casual if I'm free!

I don't usually stand by on the bar because I mostly spent my times on the kitchen (lol), but I always there on the weekend.

For more information kindly add Miam Miam Official LINE :, if you have any questions you can leave a message via LINE and our admin will reply you. For food bloggers or creative foodies, Miam Miam will be happy to assist you. Kindly send your email for any inquiries to with subject: "Foodies".

Like and follow to get the latest news and promotion. Miam Miam will presents new creation every month, something tasty and lovely.

Opening hours
Tuesday - Friday: 12:00pm - 7:30pm
Friday - Sunday:   12:00pm - 8:30pm

Jl. Katamaran Indah 12, No. 70
Pantai Indah Kapuk.
(cash only)

(Easy route via KFC Pik. Follow the road across KFC Pik until dead end and you'll find a security post. Head right and follow the road, Miam Miam is at number 70!)

See you at Miam Miam's little world~!


Brand1887 said...

This is amazing! The shop looks beautiful – like a dream world.
Congratulations and best of luck to you both.

margylove said...

congratulation for the opening!! will make sure to visit the cafe as well you for my next visit to Jakarta <3 big Huggg <3

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