Monday, September 14, 2015

My Love for Baking and Dreams

Hello everyone~! This is just another story about my life. I try to update about my life as often as I could on my blog, because I believe some of you want to know about that. And I want you all to know more about me. :)

freshly baked Strawberry Almond Tart, made with high quality butter and
real almond cream. No preservatives.

I guess some of you already know about my love for cakes or anything sweet, yes I got a sweet tooth! I LOVE them so-so much especially Macarons, Cupcakes and Short cakes.

I know to some people and even my self, commercial bakery or store sometimes may not look that healthy because we don't know what ingredients they use. Are all of them real or not? After realized about this a year ago, I have one wish in my mind. 

Oat Raisin Cookies, can't stop munching these!

I want to learn how to bake. I joined a short course (with 4 meetings) and honestly I feel cheated cos it was too expensive, lol. The main reason was they didn't really teach me how to bake or to understand it, instead, they just told me to follow everything step by step. Something I can do at my home all by my self.. 

I googled many recipes and read many kinds of articles, trials and errors, a lot.. and learn it all by my self. I finally come to understand, slowly but sure, I can bake now. But not in a professional way, more into a 'homemade with love' one, cos I love sweets!

My Kyoto's Matcha Macarons with creamy matcha filling.

Sometimes I'm thinking to take a professional baking school because my parent said, some people probably will look down on me because I don't have a certificate or something like that. But to think again, (yes) I'm not a professional Patissier but I have a big heart and I love baking, I put all my love and I'm sure people will appreciate that. :)

Dark chocolate Macarons (left) and Strawberry Macarons (right). I always make my Macarons with 100% Almond Flour
because it tastes the best and Almond is a healthy nut, good source of potassium & protein. And for the filling, I only use
high quality & fresh ingredients because I'm 'that kind' of people, lol. I love real foods, not artificial one.

I love Macarons so-soo much BUT most of the Macarons I've eaten out there were so damn too sweet, even some expensive ones are super sweet. I feel like eating 1 packet of sugar directly to my mouth, lol. And so I tried to make my own Macarons with less sugar and fresh filling. I try to reduce the sugar and make it to fit my taste, believe me, it was quite hard because the basic ingredient for Macaron is sugar and baking Macaron is quite.. tricky.

Pistachio Macarons, made the filling with real Pistachio nuts. In Indonesia, Pistachio is really really expensive!
The market price is twice than Almond.. but it's really really good. Haha, I made this for my relatives from Australia.

I've posted some of my baking results to my social media and got a good respond from all my followers. I also gave the macarons to some of my friends to try and they love it! I always love cooking and now baking, I feel happy. 

What makes me more happy is I got many supports from my close friends and followers to create a 'Cafe'. I know my sister always wanted to have a small cute Cafe where people can privately gather with their friends and enjoy their quality time. And so I asked her to create one.. together! :)

Rainbow cake with high quality butter for the filling and frosting, I don't really like
making this cake because I need to make 6 different colors of cake and combine
them into one! haha

So we planned to make this small cute cafe in our imagination into a real one. I always set a goal and passionately try to achieve my dreams no matter what, just because that's the only thing I have in my life.. And luckily, my sister is with me! I told her all the plans, Ideas and problems I have in my mind and she replied me with all her logic and her spontaneity which was really good because it balances all my imagination, lol.

Matcha Shortcake with fresh cream and homemade raspberry puree. I always use imported Matcha powder from Kyoto
because it has a mild taste and original from Japan.

I also told my sister about my plan for my dream Boutique for my brand 'Comicou' and clothing store 'Maco', "It doesn't has to be big and spacious, small is enough as long as I can show all my works for Comicou there. And it represents me well enough, "well you know what I mean right?". Then My Sister laughed and replied, "Let me think about it, are you sure about all of this?". YES!

Salted Caramel Macarons with dulce de leche filling, yummy~!

And we working on the design, looking for the places, countless meeting and attending some events to know more about what we're going to do. There're so many things we must do and we manage all the things by ourselves. We lift and pick up tables, chairs and other countless stuff, I can't remember.. I even don't want to check my bank account because I've used most of my money.. I'm broke, lol.

"A Dream doesn't become reality through Magic; it takes Sweat, Determination and Hard Works."

And so to countless problems.. many wrath and reflections, finally our little dream will become a reality soon!! SOON! I'll reveal the name, address and everything once it's ready! :D

Whole Wheat Vanilla Cupcakes before the frosting, it is healthy and a good source of dietary fiber. Made this with less
sugar than the original recipe, it tastes just right because I found many cupcakes recipes are too sweet for my taste.

But don't expect it will be majestic and luxurious lol, this cafe is small but I hope it's comfy enough for your private time. And moreover, you can try my creations with real and quality ingredients! hehe :D

I really want to tell you all about this from a very long long time but I was too shy.. >__< , I hate bluffing. I believe action is more than talk or words and so I decided to tell you all after everything is almost done, like now! :D :D

Classic Strawberry Cheesecake with Italian meringue.

"I want to say thank you to all my friends and followers, because you're one of the reasons why I bravely create this cafe with my sister. And also special thanks to my parents. Thank you for all the supports." 0:)

Assorted Pastries for my family.

I love baking and I try to living a healthy life everyday. I love eating sweet foods but I don't want to become fat (lol), and I think everyone must be agree with me right? I want people to eat real food not artificial food that contain preservative. I want people to eat desserts with ease just like what I wish everyday..

Gateau ala Fraise, made with fresh cream and real homemade jam.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you love macarons, cakes and cookies right? So, visit my cafe if it's 100% done! Kindly follow me on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat (cominica) to receive my daily updates. Thank you :D

I'll update about the progress again and this time with some pictures of the Cafe~! See you! :)

Ps: I won't leave my passion for Comicou, it's my dream too and finally I can have my own Boutique to show all my works. I'm still working on my new collection. I wish you can feel my love for Kawaii whenever you visit my Boutique. :)


FT said...

Waa! I can't wait!
Whoever doesn't like sweets is missing out on life :9
Your desserts look AMAZING! ^^
I hope I can learn to bake and create desserts as well some day!
I'll definitely come when your cafe opens!
Best of luck! :D

With sunshine and smiles,


Miharu Julie said...

Ga sabarrr semoga cepet jadi cafenyaa xD
Macarons comi lebi enak drpd yg di hotel2 hahahaha

Unknown said...

Now I really want to visit your cafe..
If it's possible , I want to meet you in person too. You're such an inspiration >///<

Claresta Priskila 타타 said...

Ditunggu ya ci cafe+boutique nya😊😊

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