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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Imperfect Me

✧ This post is just another story about my life ✧ you can skip it if you don't want to know, but I hope you'll read it though lol

I've been really busy lately until I don't have any time to catch up with some friends, I even skipped my friend's surprise birthday event just because I got a deadline. And moreover, I've neglected my blog for a while.. I feel sorry for all my readers.. •́ㅿ•̀

Whenever I got free time, I try to write my blog, taking photos, editing photos, reading countless useful articles, looking for inspiration and other things. Sometimes I also go to a meeting with some business partners for my brand, my blog, my project, etc. I even don't have many times to talk to my parents again.. that's why I always try to make time on Saturday night for them. º◡º

I try my best to manage my time every week, for comicou, for maco, for living, for crafting, for cooking, for exercise, for cleaning my rooms, for cleaning my workshop, for washing and ironing my clothes, for meeting business partner, for taking care of my dogs and for my project. I don't feel objected, on the contrary I feel alive. ≧▿≦)ノ

top - maco ☆ skirt - maco ☆ stocking - maco ☆ socks - harajuku 
shoes - pleaser ☆ bag - hk ☆ choker - comicou

This project is makes me crazy, lol. But all of the obstacles that I've encountered is worth it to realize my dream (and my sister's). We spent a lot of times, sweat, energy and money for this..(ง •̀_•́)ง , because we did everything by ourselves. 

I know to some people this is probably ridiculous, I can hire a housemaid to take care of all the things at my house but..  I can't believe in stranger. I just believe that I can overcome all of my jobs. 。_。

"Don't Dream your life, Live your Dream~"

I'll reveal this project really soon!♥ Now it's 90% done and I feel like there's something missing here and there, I'm afraid. Sometimes I feel so lost. There're many things still on process and while waiting I can make new collection for Comicou. Yes, I'm still working on my brand, even though I never show or talk about it. 

I hope everyone is looking forward to this project, some of you probably already guessed it? \(//∇//)\

I really feel grateful to have few friends who support me and appreciate what I'm working on, and understand the reason why I don't have time for them. Hey guys, believe me, I miss you all~ >w<

And for all my readers and followers, even though I'm so busy, I always try to update my blog and all my social media, just because I love you guys. There're many times I feel like shutting down my blog and all my social media, but when I saw some lovely comments from all of you for nobody like Me, I always smile and feel energized. Thank you. ╥ ▿ ╥ ╥ ▿ ╥

I know I'm not a perfect person but I always try my best to give the perfect realization for my imagination. Just like Comicou, I try to craft everything and present the collections to all of you, hoping everyone will love them. lol. \(//∇//)\ I always so naive..

Anyway, big thanks to everyone who read this post because that means you care about me. Thanks for the appreciation. I care about you all, that's why I write this post so you know what I'm doing all this time. Thank you all ♡ and see you on my next post! ≧◡≦

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