Friday, May 01, 2015

How To Reduce Dark Circles

Hello ladies, I decided to write about this because I got many questions about this topic. About Dark Circles. Well honestly, I don't think I have done something special to under eye area. I only put eye cream regularly, everyday.

In this photo I only wear very minimal make up, and there's no skin editing so you can see clearly on my under eye area. Btw, I didn't wear any concealer under my eyes too.

Some friends had asked me about my dark circles. They've seen my no make up face and said my dark circles looks okay. Actually I'm not really sure because I think mine looks quite visible then I saw my sister's eyes.. her dark circle is more noticable as you can see on the pic below.

And to think about it, maybe I've done something my sister's didn't. So I did some research about this topic and I'm going to share them in this post. :)

Dark circles can make you look fatigued and older than you are, that's why many women are so concern about this. One friend told me she did everything she can, she've tried eye cream and eye mask and none of them really works for her. Hmm maybe the problem isn't from the outside but inside?

1. I found out that Anemia is the first reason why women (mostly) suffer from Dark Circles. Anemia is caused by lack of iron in our body. Insufficient of Iron can cause skin to look pale. The skin on our eyes area is really thin. If the skin pressed against the dark inner recesses of the eye, it looks dark.

Most women suffer from Anemia because of the loss of iron-rich blood during the monthly menstrual cycle. I think the reason of my sister's noticeable dark circles is probably because her body needs more iron, she rarely eat dark green vegetables, nuts, grains, tofu, beans, egg yolks, etc. lol

I didn't realize that I often consume foods which is rich in Iron. Cos I love them unconsciously. My sister dislikes vegetables, potato and beans.. so yeah. But not only vegetables, Red Meat (lean only) and seafoods also a good source of Iron!

Make sure to include foods with rich source of Iron to your diet now.

2. Drink also important, it is better to avoid any drinks with Caffeine like Coffee, Soda and Black Tea. I still drink Coffee sometimes if I need a stimulant for my body during my tight schedule.

I stopped drink soda 11 years ago LOL so long time ago! At that time, I realized that my body is allergic to Soda & Alcohol so I decided to stay away from them. Except there's a special event, I won't drink Alcohol.. but Soda, I literally stopped. It's a bit hard to resist liquor though Q_Q

I read that Caffeine can makes Dark Circles more visible, so if you love it and you have a bad dark circles, maybe you need to cut it little by little.

Always keep in your mind that Water is the most essential element for our body, so drink clean water more!

3. Manage your Life Style and try to always Sleep and Wake up at the same time everyday! Avoid to be awake for more than 24 hours. This part is really hard for me lol cos I suffer from Insomnia since I was small, but until now I'm still trying to fix my sleeping pattern and try to sleep well every night.

4. Put Eye cream everyday! I put my eye cream twice a day. In the morning I put the one with SPF (The Body Shop) and at night I put richer eye cream formula (Clinique/OLAY). I think an Eye cream with SPF is important because it can protects eyes area from the SUN, this can prevent discolouration too.

5. Once a week try to use Eye Mask, this is optional but if you have a really bad dark circles I think you must try it regularly. At least once a week, twice a week is okay! I'm using Eye mask from My Beauty Diary, always be my favorite brand for any mask.

So ladies, are you suffering from Dark Circles too? I'm now trying to fix my sleep because that's the most hard to do for me. Remember that our life style and food intake can affect our skin too, so take care of it from the inside! Good luck :)


Cominica said...

My dark circles are mostly genetic unfortunately, but I am able to reduce the puffiness and darkness with eyemasks, creams, and simple cold packs. Also, I drink a lot of caffeine-free tea too which helps a lot with my eyes and overall skin! I need to sleep more evenly though like you said ahaaa. Also stop rubbing my eyes too ;A;

You're really lucky to have much lighter circles though!

Cominica said...

Thank you so much for these tips! I have pretty dark eye circles, I will definetly try these out :)

Cominica said...

Eye masknya beli dmn ci o___o
but yes, your dark circles look so not noticeable!
thanks for sharing these tips <3

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Amazing tips

My blog

Cominica said...

haha yess, it's so hard to stop rubbing my eyes too :/

Cominica said...

sure! good luck :)

Cominica said...

ak beli pas di hk kalo gak salah, ini mybeautydiary

Buleipotan said...

Thank comi for the info, really help.
Btw , Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D

Cominica said...

Thank you a lot for this useful post!


Miharu Julie said...

Oh pantesaaannn
Makannya mesti Kopi + sayuran :V
susah banget itu ;;____;;l

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