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How to Bleach Virgin Asian Hair

Hello ladies, today I'm going to share about how I bleach my hair at home, BUT this time is for Virgin hair! Because if we want to  bleach processed hair, it is a little bit different. So this post is dedicated for people who want to bleach their hair at home and their hair is virgin black, means never colored/bleached before. 
(I'll make another separate post for processed hair next time)

*disclaimer: this post is made for people who need it, based on my experience, I'm not a hair stylist or hair expert. In the end, it's better if you go to hair salon.

Okay, so virgin hair is actually refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, never permed and chemically processed in any way. For us Asian, I guess virgin hair is usually has raven black colour, soft and healthy.

Asian hair has more cuticles, they mostly have harder and thicker hair. Asian hair mostly prone to dryness and split ends if not taken care properly. They have Red undertones, so if we bleach it mostly turns a bit red/orange.

To bleach a virgin hair, you must have a courage because your hair will become dry (100%) and it depends on your hair thickness. If you have a thin hair, the damage will be quite stressful.

First, you need to have a bleach powder and cream developer. There're so many Bleach Powders you can find in the market but I think the most popular is probably above four. Clairol, Wella, Loreal and Schwarzkopf. And for the developer, you can buy the same brand or use different brand. That's fine. It's better if you pick the cream texture rather than liquid cos it oxidizes quickly.

If you don't want to mix them by yourself, you can buy Japanese hair bleach such as Palty or Beauteen. They come with the perfect balance of medium/high bleach, so all you need to do just mix them and follow the written instruction!

Please take a look at this hair level I made below, I edited the color to my preferences cos I've tried to bleach my own hair few times with different level of hair result. Black hair usually turns red and a little bit orangey/yellowish.

This is like your guide for bleach your hair, no.1 is your current hair color before the bleaching process. If you aim for a light brown color, you must bleach your hair to level 5 so it'll look more visible than if you don't. If you want a granny hair, you must bleach your hair to level 10 then tone with with gray/ash color

If you want a milk tea brown color, you must bleach your hair at least at level 6/7 then tone your hair with greenish ash color. If you want a beautiful wine red color, bleach your hair at least level 3/4 so the color turns beautiful.

A bleach must be mix with a developer. Developer usually has 4 different volumes depends on what brightness level you want. (you can use any brand you like!)
10 volume (3%) lift 1 level
20 voume (6%) lift 2 level
30 volume (9%) lift 3 level
40 volume (12%)  lift 4 level

The calculation will be like :
If you want an Ash Blonde color, then you must bleach your hair at least level 9/10 or depends on the lightness you want. Start from your virgin hair you need 3/4 times bleaching process for the best result.

Combine your Bleaching powder + 30 vol developer (I advice to never use number 40 because it'll fry your hair). The 1st result will be at level 4/5 depends on your hair. And you need to bleach your hair again with the same mixture until it reaches the lightest shade. Total maybe 4-5 times DEPENDS on your hair.

The MIXTURE is created with 1 bleach powder : 2 developer. So if you have 30 grams bleach powder you need to mix it with 60grs developer. Easy right?

You must mix the mixture thoroughly, I mix my mixture until fluffy and like a foam. It's easier to apply and the color is more even. Mix until there's no powder left, means the powder is all diluted to the developer cream. After that you can apply the mixture to your hair.

I use 30 vol developer to touch up my roots, it turns yellow and the result below is after the toning process so you can't see the bleach result, sorry cos I bleached my hair all by my self so no one can capture the moment, lol. If you want to see my bleach result on virgin hair you can visit THIS post and THIS.

my hair is dyed many times so this result isn't based on virgin hair, as you can see that the result is uneven because to bleach processed hair is harder than virgin hair. There're many tones in my hair because of my previous hair color, I'm planning to do another bleaching again but I'll wait for few weeks. The area in white is like the real direct result after bleaching and toning.

Other things you need to know :
1. Always do a skin test to check if you have allergy towards hair dyes, this is to prevent anything bad. Put the bleach powder + developer on the back of your ear for 48 hours, at least 24 hours!

2. Put the bleach mixture generously on your hair, if you have a long hair you need to whip a lot of mixture. If the bleach doesn't enough the result will be disappointing. You need to cover your hair completely with the bleach mixture for maximum result.

1 Packet of bleaching powder usually enough for very short hair, for shoulder length hair you'll need 3-4 packets of bleaching powder. (if you buy in sachet)

3. Avoid your scalp if you have a sensitive scalp. Sometimes the bleach can be very itchy and hot, the worst is your scalp can bleed. (one of my friend has this kind of experience).

4. Always deep conditioned your hair after the bleaching process, I usually do it everyday until my hair condition is better. But  processed hair is different with virgin hair, it won't be the same again.

5. Do not use metal bowl or anything metal to make the mixture, use plastic because it's more safe. And wear a white T-shirt you don't want anymore.

6. ASK YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY to help you bleach your hair and make sure you start from the inside then up to the roots. Because the roots tends to react quickly and the color changes faster than the rest of your hair.

7. Bleaching isn't easy so if you're not ready yet, please go to hair salon and consult with your hair stylist!

If you have more questions kindly leave comment, I'll try my best to help. :)


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