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Sunday, April 05, 2015

MSH Love Liner Little Twin Star Series

Hello ladies, this is another review of MSH Love Liner. I've reviewed another MSH Love Liner here <- , kindly check it out if you haven't. I bought this eyeliner because of the cute packaging, lol. And I love MSH eyeliner so I think it's okay to check it out.

Same like other MSH packaging, it's made from good linen paper, glossy and smooth. The design is super cute and lovely, I love the pastel blue and purple colour. When I open the packaging it looks like a story book, hehe sorry no photo I forgot to take it ^^"

I got the eyeliner in Rich Black colour, I think they have the Brown colour too for this series. I love the Blue mint colour and Little Twin Star drawing on it. Looks so special ♡

The formula is really similar like the regular MSH liquid eyeliner, it's the packaging that makes it different! I can't stop looking at the small little stars on the eyeliner. Sooo cutee (///◡//)

It contains Honey to keep our skin soft and not irritated with the eyeliner. You can feel that this eyeliner is moisturizing and after dry it's not look like an ink. The texture is smooth and not rough. ≧◡≦

Extra sharp brush for precise drawing, it's 0,1mm! I can draw a really thin line for natural make up or sharp winged eyeliner and I can draw a fake eyelashes too! ≧▿≦

For a super black liquid eyeliner lover, you probably will hate this. Because the black colour isn't super super black like Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. It's just a natural Black colour. You can see that this eyeliner is perfect for drawing thin line and thicker is ok too.

IMHO, the liquid is quite runny at first but after few applications it's okay.

MSH claimed that this liquid eyeliner is waterproof, but I found that this eyeliner isn't long lasting on my oily eyelid, but not smudge either. If I'm sweating, the eyeliner line on my inner eye is gone @_@

It's not hard to remove this eyeliner, we can remove it with only hot water. If you have a watery/oily eyelid like me, you have to be careful with this eyeliner, haha. ˃⌓˂

I love the natural result with this liquid eyeliner, but my favorite is still Dolly wink I think. I'm not sure where to get this eyeliner beside Japan :/, if you're in Japan, you can buy this eyeliner at Donki ◟(ᵄ̴̶̷́▿ᵄ̴̶̷́ ). It's cute but I'm not really recommend this lol it's only cute because of the packaging. Good Luck!

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