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Thursday, May 23, 2013

MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hi everyone (/‾▿‾)/✧! I've been reviewing many Japanese brand now, hope you won't get bored, hahahha. It just I love Japan too much so I'm obsessed with their product, kekeke. I still have many products like Canmake, SANA and others that I haven't reviewed yet. @w@

Now, I'm going to tell you one of my favorite liquid eyeliner beside Dolly wink! This is MSH Love Liner, high quality liquid eyeliner in Black.

☆ Packaging :
Made from a good linen paper with glossy coating. It comes in a vintage and mature design, the box is really cute and interesting too! Yeah, same like the pencil eyeliner packaging.  (yes I know I copy this text from my review about the pencil eyeliner, lol)

visit their website to see all MSH products. Their products are popular among Models and Teens. (*´▽`*)

You need to open the box and open the box inside where the pencil placed. 

The packaging is so unique and different from other Japanese brand. It looks exclusive because the paper and the box system. (///∇//)

☆ Super moisture
The formula is moisturize our skin when applied. Contain honey to make eye area not dry when use regularly. I don't really feel the moisturizing effect lol it just an eyeliner! At least my eye doesn't irritate and itch, that's enough~

The design is look simple but cute! The color isn't sweet but it looks interesting! It has glossy coat on all surface.

Unlike korean brand eyeliner, Japanese brand eyeliner usually comes in Pen-brush type and really easy to use! o(≧▽≦)o Totally in love with them!

☆ Speed dry formula
They dry fast and when dry it stay for hours! This is what I like about pen liquid eyeliner, once I use them I can't change to other liquid eyeliner type!~ 

It's not felt type but brush type. Don't worry this eyeliner is just like DW/SANA/K-palette, the liquid will stay wet and I can use it for more than 6 months! LOL I swear XDDD.

☆ Extra Sharp
0.1mm for precise drawing result! I love this so much, hahaha the thinner the better. What I like about extra sharp liquid liner is I can easily draw super thin like for natural make up.

Sometimes I want to wear 'no make up' make up to hang out and this liquid eyeliner is perfect for that. kekeke XD

You can see I can easily draw thin line and write my name, lol. The color isn't super black like Dolly Wink though.

This eyeliner suit for people who want to still look natural even wear an eyeliner. That's why they design it like this. If you like super black eyeliner, you better purchase Dolly Wink IMHO.

When dry, the texture isn't look like rubber or ink. It doesn't leave any residue too. ヾ(☆▽☆) 

☆ Waterproof
Tested with water and rub it, the eyeliner consistency was quite good. It still stay on my hands. I guess everyone already know that my eyelid is oily and this eyeliner can stay on my eyelid for hours. After more than 8 hours it can smudge a little.

☆ Speed Remove
Although the waterproof formula is really good, this eyeliner isn't hard to remove. Can easily remove with warm water! Typical japanese liquid eyeliner, lol.

This eyeliner is safe because the formula is through laboratory experiments. It doesn't leave stain or any itchy feeling~ ♡♡

☆ Where I get this?
You can find MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner at BlingAlwayz. Their store is based on Singapore, so hurry contact them if you want to try this eyeliner too~!

Many people asked me the eyeliner differences. Actually the difference is only the eyeliner itself (gel,liquid/pencil), texture, formula and the staying power.

Compared to Dolly wink liquid eyeliner, I still love dolly wink more than this. Because now, I'm into more black liquid eyeliner rather than the natural black color. Why? Because it looks more obvious in picture than the natural one. I often take photo so you know why la X'D #slapped

Anyway, thanks for reading ladies! I'm going to KL tomorrow and back on Sunday~ I'm going to visit my relative and accompany my parents there, hahahaha. See you and Have a nice day! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

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