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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

LIESE Bubble Hair in Antique Rose

Hello ladies, Liese is always be my favorite hair dye all the time because it's really easy to use. This time I'm going to give short review about the Antique Rose colour. If you've seen the slightly rose/dark purple colour on my hair, yes it's because of this colour!

The result can turn a little bit different from the box, actually it depends on your previous hair colour before the colouring process. On the box, the result is a dark brown with a hint of rose.

You can see the colour guide above, lol sorry the colour isn't that visible because it's so dark. On the web, I read that this is one of their darkest colour series. So if you feel bored with your light hair (like me), maybe you can consider this colour lol.

Above is my hair colour before applied Liese bubble hair on my hair. It was a medium blonde with orange tone, green and gray ombre. I quite love my current hair colour that time, hehe.

Then below was the result after used Liese bubble hair in Antique Rose on my hair. The result was a very dark brown colour with a bit of Rose tone. It looks a bit purple under room light / sun light.

I'm amazed with the result! Because my hair colour before was uneven because it's an ombre hair style, but do you notice the result? It looks even on picture and also in real! I'm sure Liese has the best hair pigment for the colouring, no wonder the price is higher than other japanese hair dyes.

My hair still feel soft and look healthy after dyeing. This is what I like about Liese's formula, no matter how many times I dyed my hair with Liese, my hair still looks okay. lol

And here's some questions I got on my askfm back then, I'll answer some of them here, maybe some of you have the same questions.

1. If my hair is not bleached, will the color show on my hair?
--> Nope, if your hair is black, I doubt the result will be visible.

2. I want to bleach my hair but I'm afraid my hair will dry!
--> Lol then don't bleach your hair! Bleaching will make your hair dry. No matter what.

3. How long do you leave the bubble hair on your hair?
--> 30-45 minutes, depends on the result I want.

4. Any tips for using the bubble hair?
--> I find the bubbling process is easier on normal temperature room. I once did it on my ac room and the bubble is hard to form.

5. How many boxes you've used to dye your hair?
--> With my current hair length, 1 box is enough.

Liese has so many colours to choose and they all so beautiful~! 

Anyway, If you're wondering where to get this hair dye, I got mine at Watson in Singapore. In Indonesia, you can get this hair dye online. Good luck~! :)

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