Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Chocolat Ash

I got this Eyebrow Pencil when I was traveling in Japan, at that time my hair colour still has that Ashy colour. And sometimes a regular brown pencil eyebrow is too red or orange for my liking so I decided to try this.

I personally think Eyebrow is an important face feature, it changes our appearance completely! Like you can make your self look older or younger with just an eyebrow. lol

So, if you think that drawing eyebrow is hard, try to practice. 

Dolly Wink design has changed from the ultra sweet and girly theme to a Retro and more mature feeling theme now. I personally like the older one but this retro-ish theme also very cute because I love vintage thingy.

Just like the other eyebrow pencil from Dolly Wink, it has a soft texture, long lasting and easy to draw on my skin. I love this ashy colour because it looks like a medium brown colour with a green tone.

It comes with a brush & cap, it's good to bring it anywhere cos the packaging is practical.

I have reviewed other Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil before, kindly check my other review here and here. I always use this brand so far because it's water-proof and smudge-proof, I can use it all the time.

The pencil it self is soft but not mushy. Don't forget to brush the eyebrow after the pencil application for a natural and softer look.

Even though my hair colour is a little bit dark now, I don't like using black pencil because I prefer dark brown or brown colour. It looks more natural imo, hehe.

I have a thin eyebrow so it's a must to use eyebrow or I'll look like a sick person, haha. And it's essential to match my eyebrow with my hair colour, at this picture my hair colour still ashy.

Now my hair colour is Rose, so I usually add a little bit pink/red eyeshadow and blend in to my eyebrow.

If you dye your hair I think it's better if you also colour your eyebrow with a pencil eyebrow, it looks more matching haha.

Anyway, Dolly Wink now have 4 different colours for the pencil, kindly try it out and tell me what you think about it. :)


Cominica said...

My favourite Eye Brow Pencil! ^ ___ ^


Grace said...

I wanted to try however I need to bring a sharpener with me if I need to use this... -_-


Cominica said...

I don't really like eyebrow pencils to do my brows. But the shade in this one looks really good, very ashy looking. Still currently looking for my favorite product

Great review!! Dolly Wink always has the cutest packaging

Cominica said...

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Cominica said...

Sounds like a great product ^^ I am the worst at filling in my eyebrows, until I met Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Promade, it's a absolute best!

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