Friday, December 12, 2014

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Do we really need a Powder Foundation? Well, honestly I'm not a fan of powder foundation because I prefer natural coverage for my make up. But sometimes, there's a special occasion where we need full coverage make up which can stay all day. or.. just a full coverage make up that looks natural and melts to our skin ( ¯▿¯)و

A Powder foundation works like a liquid foundation, it just the formula is a bit different because it comes in Powder type. I got this MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC30 which turns out a bit beigey on my skin, I usually use a little bit darker foundation otherwise my skin will looks too white.

I find this foundation is really quick and easy to use, it comes with a sponge but I rarely use it because the sponge takes the powder too much and it turns a little bit too much on my face. But it works well on my neck tho XD

This Powder Foundation has a velvety texture despite of the full coverage finish, this powder feels light on my skin and the result looks so natural (as long as I don't forget to moisture my skin before).

I prefer to apply this foundation with my Flat kabuki brush. I have a Combination-Dry skin and I usually spray some acid water first to my brush before I put my brush onto the powder foundation. And after I finish apply the powder foundation on my skin, I spray more acid water or facial spray like Evian for the finishing touch. I find this method is better for my skin type because my cheek area is very dry sometimes, this way is to prevent caking and powdery look.

And the result is a full coverage make up with matte finish and still look natural.◟(ᵄ̴̶̷́▿ᵄ̴̶̷́ )

Sometimes when I'm a rush this powder foundation is the best to wear. Only use this powder foundation alone is enough! It can stay up to 8 hours without touch up. Definitely my go-to foundation when I'm in a rush~! ♡

I think this product suits people with normal to oily skin best ˃⌓˂ because of the long lasting formula and matte finish. People with dry skin need to make sure they prime their skin enough with moisturiser and apply this powder thinly on their skin otherwise it'll look a bit powdery. But as long as you have a Facial Spray with you, it's okay! º◡º


✧ What I like :
. Matte finish
. Velvety texture
. Build-able, I can build it to medium or full coverage
. Long lasting formula
. Doesn't make my skin breakout
. Quick and easy to use if I'm in a rush

✧ Dislike : 
. Sometimes can look a bit cakey on dry area
. Must spray with more water so it looks natural (this is a problem if I'm in a rush, lol)

I know this powder foundation it's a bit expensive but definitely worth to get. It's worth it especially if you need to carry around your make up a lot and have bad skin which need full coverage. Or you're out from morning till night and need to look fresh all the time, lol just make sure you bring the face spray ok?


Grace said...

You are starting to like mac huh? XD


Cominica said...

Ohh it is unfortunate that it does not always look natural~ ^ u ^
Is there a Facial Spray you like? ^ v ^

Cominica said...

nice review! I only use powder for my T zone, cuz it's always so oily there. :3

Cominica said...

Great review! I like powder foundation best. The Mac Studio looks really nice and not cakey at all! I'll have to try it out (and remember my face mist!) ^^

Cominica said...

Thanks for the review ^^

Too bad it can look cakey but good to know it has many other pros ^^

恵美より ♥

Cominica said...

Comi lu pakenya NC30? Gue pikir bakal kaya nc25 gituu.. tapi masuk banget di lu ya!

Cominica said...

hehe ini agak ketuaan sih sebenernya XD cuma lama2 ngeblend aja

Cominica said...

I like Avene! :D

Cominica said...

Oohhh thanks for the review~ sounds really good ^^ the matte finish would be perfect for my oily skin >.<
Really really love you colour hair *w*

New follower~ hope you have a good day ^__^

Cominica said...

I love this foundation of theirs except I currently have their original studio fix powder, not the plus version so I am curious to ask them what is different next time when I go to MAC. It's a certainly a staple product for me!

Cominica said...

what camera do you use?? love u!

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