Friday, November 21, 2014

Attack on Titan Live Action

Sorry but I just can not hold to not post about this because I'm a huge fans of Attack on Titan. I heard the issue about the Live Action months ago but I thought it was a hoax LOL. I didn't want to feel disappointed later cos I heard Miura Haruma is one of the cast for the movie TT______TT and I was so happy because it's REAL. YAY

I really like him, like 100% love LOL. I started to like Miura Haruma like few years ago at the first time I watched Gokusen 3, in 2009. And not to mention his other dorama like Samurai high school, Bloody Monday and Last Cinderella. He's my no.1 crush in this world LOL.

AAAAAAAAA with take ///////// (please bear with me this time #massivefangirling)

*cough back to Attack On Titan, or I usually say 'Shingeki no Kyojin' is one of my favorite manga. It's a must read or must watch (Anime). Because of my job, I rarely read some mangas again but I always spare some free time to read it, because the story plot is so amazinggg!

What is the other reason that makes me feel more excited about the Live Action? It's because my favorite character MIKASA! I really curious because I like Mikasa's character more than Eren (in the manga). And do you know who casted as her? It's Mizuhara Kiko omgggggggg XDDD HAHA 

It's the super gorgeous Kiko omgg I can dieee in happiness hahahahahah! TT▿TT

And one more reason, Attack on Titan have three main character and they are Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Of course I also curious about who will be cast as Armin. And you know what? XD HAHA forgive me cos I can't stop smiling while writing this post.

It's Kanata Hongo!! I'm not sure if you've ever heard about him but he's one of my favorite Actor too!! XD I started to notice him after watched Megane-chan to Yanke-kun dorama. His cool character is somewhat.. interest me XD

I'm really looking forward to see he acts as Armin!

Do you know about Attack on Titan? Or you're also a fan like me? XD hahahahahahah I can't wait for next summer omg omg >/////<


Cominica said...

OMFG they choosed the actors soo well!!! *happydancing* thanks for the share and i'm also looking foward to!! >.<

Cominica said...

OMGGGG ARMIN iz kanataaaaaa?!!! seriously wahahahhaha I like kanata so much , btw I wonder if u've noticed it already. but armin reminds me alot to kurapika!!! > u <

Cominica said...

yep!! it's real about the live action of Attack on Titan!!! and yes again that i loves AOT so much like you!!! ><
I also appreciate Hiruma Miura and Kanata Hongo!! they're my fav japanese actor!! :D

Cominica said...

this is gonna be GREAT!!

mind to following me back?

Cominica said...

omg....the casts ><
miura haruma anda kanata hongo are my favorite *fangirlfeels*
and kiko ohh....

Cominica said...

I saw this on tumblr, I love SnK. Mizuhara Kiko's look is so on point. Aldjaf;ldsj so excited!

Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

Cominica said...

Omgsh! Mizuhara Kiko' as Mikasa~! Loved her ever since she debuted onto the big screen for Norwegian Wood!~ <3

-Miss Sennnaa

Cominica said...

God, I love Miura. He's awesome and I'm still so obsessed with Gokusen, hahahaha
I haven't watched most of the anime but I still think SnK has its own charme ;D

Cominica said...

I also love miura haruma! and it because of gokusen 3 too xD I even changed my id into miura mei =.=

Anonymous said...


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