Sunday, September 21, 2014

PUREAM Pure Bear Soy Latte Review

I've got many questions about my current favourite Circle Lens on my I've to admit that I've tried a lot of Japanese Contact Lens before. And just like the usual, they're always my favourite more than the Korean brand because they feel so much more comfortable. There's one thing that I realised during my trip to Japan, Japan's contact lens has more 'normal' diameter like 14.2mm and 14.5mm.

It was a little bit difficult for me to decide at first because I used to wear 15mm circle lenses. But now, because my eye make up is becoming more and more natural, I've decided to change the diameter of my contact lens to 14.2mm or 14.5mm.

I had Puream in my wish list since I saw it on Popteen, it looks similar to Candy Brown, my favourite circle lens design. Puream is produced by Kumicky. I really like her back then during my gyaru time :p

Pure Bear series

. BC: 8.6mm
. DIA: 14.5mm
. Colour: Soy Latte
. Life span: 6 months
. Made in Korea 

(lol I heard many contact lenses are made in Korea but with different quality <3)

I've purchased the Puream Pure Bear in brown colour.

I've felt a little bit insecure at first because when I looked into the mirror, it looks a little bit different. My iris looks more normal and not that 'Dolly' again, lol. I thought that I probably will lose my dolly look forever.

I love the black ring on the edge because it makes my eyes look bigger and bold. Even though I've tried to wear smaller circle lens, but I feel like I'm not ready to give up those ring yet. Slowly but sure then. :)

As you can see since this is 14.5mm, it looks smaller than my usual circle lens. But this size blends with my current eye make up well. Imagine if I wear my 15mm diameter circle lens with this eye makeup, my eyes will look too artificial. I kinda love this diameter tho. :D

I really recommend this circle lens if you want to change your look as well. 15mm diameter circle lens is not that hot anymore. Recently, people more into a natural look and I think slowly will become more and more natural.

If you're still into dolly look or perhaps, cosplay? This contact lens might still fit you because it gives innocent school-girl vibes.

Since my style is now more Aomoji-Kei (Harajukuish), I love the natural and special makeup like in Zipper/Cutie magazine.

Japanese's brand Contact Lens is the best ever, they're really light and soft. They blend easily with my current eye shape and it doesn't dry my eyes for hours! I've noticed that the price is slightly pricier than Geo Lens or Dueba, but the quality is so much better.

If the comforts are your preference, then you should change your contact lens brand too. It's better to invest in a more expensive contact lens.

About the comfort, this contact lens doesn't leave any red marks if I wear them all day. The material is delicate for my pupil and not stiff.

If you look at the contact lens's result on my eyes, you can see that it makes my pupil big but still looks quite natural – compared with any 15mm black/brown circle lens. Honestly, I started to fall in love with the natural look contact lens now.

It compliments my make up but not too much. If you have the chance you should try this brand as well, but just like what I stated above, the price is a little bit high. But I guarantee that you will definitely feel the difference at your first try. :)

See you~!

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