Monday, September 29, 2014

My Make Up

Hello girls, ladies and probably guys~ I got many questions about my make up recently, like every time lol. So I think maybe some girls noticed my style has changed but also some got confused? Okay let me share a little bit about it. :)

Back then, I was into gyaru so my daily make up inspired by gyaru in Popteen magazine. Because at that time, Popteen was like my bible for gyaru style lol. Why I chose Popteen? Cos their style is mostly sweet, girly and cute. I'm not interested in other magazine beside Popteen (at that time).

And my make up was like this... (I really love Kanno Yui and Masuwaka Tsubasa, they're like my inspiration along with Matsuoka Rie, Funayama Kumiko and Nishikawa Mizuki. They're all Popteen models.)

Then later Popteen style influenced by K-wave so their make up becomes more natural. And you can see False lashes brand like Dolly Wink and Diamond Lash produce more natural false lashes, because it's the trend in Japan.

And in middle of 2012 I found about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and fell in love with her! Slowly I got influenced by her and later by Amo-chan from Amoyamo. So, my style slowly change and inspired by street style in Harajuku rather than gyaru in Shibuya. (gyaru style also going down in Japan...hardly to find gyaru now..)

slowly removes lower lashes from my daily make up, lol and change my hair tone XD

I didn't read Popteen again without even aware about it, I read Zipper, Kera, Cutie and Mer and slowly leave gyaru style haha. 

And I didn't even realise about it until my close friend 'Miharu' told me that she likes my current style because it's more Harajuku than Gyaru. Bam! I smiled and told her that I secretly change my style but she realised about that, lol I was so happy~

And my trip to Japan was inspired me so much about fashion and I realise that I heart Kawaii Culture now and it's all start from my love for Kyary-chan and Amo, hahahahhaha.

I wear more natural false lashes now, standard diameter Circle lens and rarely wear eyelid tape again, cos I don't want to achieve that gyaru doll look again. hehe :) now I'm so freak to Amo-chan *___*

Even though I don't really follow gyaru style again but I still adore the style. But I'm more interested in Harajuku now, so yeah this is my make up transformation story. I was thinking to share about this on my blog cos I got many questions about it haha.

Which one do you like? My old make up style or new one? lol kindly share! see you! 


Xiao Vee said...

i like your current makeup style ci >3<
So charming and lovely, without looking too much

Cominica said...

Aw, tbh you look absolutely stunning in both styles! :)

Cominica said...

You looks cute in everything >_<


Cominica said...

I like your gyaru eyelashes on the top and no lashes on the bottom best ^^

Cominica said...

Bagus, natural dan cute ;)

Cominica said...

I used to do gyaru style too but I moved to korean style and now harajuku style! :D I really love harajuku style, it's fresh, fun and experimental! \(^^)/

Cominica said...

I think a lot of girls doing the same way or almost! I was freaking loving Popteen when I came in Japan for the first time too in 2010, and then loving more mature look like Vivi or Scawaii magazine in 2012 ~, and kawaii sweet style, since now, and this is definitely Larme magazine that got my attention. I think I prefer the trend right now that before, I wasn't a lot into big false lashes and enormous lens, so I think I found myself on it!
I really like how you look like now, you are really cute and yes, you remind me sometimes Amo, as you said!

Cominica said...

cici bikin tutorialnya doong :D aku suka sama style cici yang sekarang.. hehe aku lagi mulai belajar pakai makeup mata untuk sehari-hari nih ^^

Cominica said...

Ah! I also love Popteen so much in my high school period, hahaha. Kumicky was such a role model. I was in Pontianak so I really couldn't wear that style there I swear lol
I read Nylon and mini now, Jille and nonno also my favorite :D

Cominica said...

still look as kawaii ~

Cominica said...

Your style is really cute. I like your old makeup style, but your current hair colours are interesting!

Cominica said...

ce bikin post tentang macam" blush nya model majalah zipper dkk
pengen bisa blush nya ayumi seto sih ._.

Cominica said...

Sweeeet :3

恵美より ♥

Cominica said...

You look even prettier with your new style. :)

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