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Monday, August 11, 2014

W♥C Harajuku

Hello, Happy Sunday! Today I went to meet my friends and tried a new cafe called Shirokuma. lol. Actually, it was Julie who asked me and Vina to join her because she wanted to try it. She said she read many good reviews about that cafe lol.

Cos I was not in the mood to dress up, I randomly grabbed my sweat shirt from W♥C I bought in Harajuku. And wear my new peach pink shoes from my latest holiday in Shenzhen.

 I gained weight after my holiday lol ;_________;

Top W♥C | Skirt handmade | Shoes SZh | Socks Harajuku

My make up was look abit different because of my circle lens, I tried new contact lens and it's Angel Color Bambi Almond from Japan. Will make the review later ( *___*)

And so these are some menu we ordered at Shirokuma Cafe (there were so many ppl queueing and it made us more curious about the taste!)

                      Matcha Latte with Azuki                                          Matcha Parfait Shiratama (we ordered 3 of this lol)

                                        Hot dog (?)                                                                          Snow Matcha Afogato

                       Sets ( Shiratama with Azuki, Matcha Cake and Soft Cream)

Well, to be honest the taste is just so-so compared to the crowd, haha! But compared to the value of the price and the foods, I think they're good because the price is so affordable lol. I thought it'd be like 50.000 idr per menu. hehe But I think I won't be back again  (・_・ヾ

Anyway we moved to Capitea because Shirokuma was so crowded and it's not comfortable for us to stay too long. We had some snacks and drinks there, do a little chit chat and met my business partner there after that.

Some selfies!

Since my wifi fixed this morning I'll try become a more diligent blogger again hahahhaha  (▰˘◡˘▰) see you!

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