Saturday, August 09, 2014

My new Purple Pink Hair

Hello girls (۶்▿்)۶ and probably .. guys? lol, somehow I manage to update my blog today. I move to my workshop for a while so I can use internet. I do all my jobs with internet so it's so hard for me if I don't have any internet connection. This Sunday my Wifi provider will come to check the connection, I hope they can fix it! (✘﹏✘;;)

Some of you probably already know that I changed my hair colour before my summer holiday to Hongkong, hehe. I posted some on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too. And received so many compliments (thank you!) and of course questions! So this time I'm going to share how I get my current hair colour.

I bought these hair colour during my trip in Japan and it was a random finding on Donki's rack. I was looking for any pastel hair colour at because I love pastel so much, especially pastel purple/lilac. And I found a rack with some Hair Dyes brand including Manic Panic. After some thoughts I decided to buy Plum, Magenta and Pink hair colour. The brand name is Stargazer, actually I've heard this brand before including La Riche, Special Effect and Manic Panic.

Plum, magenta and pink

I chose darker colour because I think this colour is easier to blend in with my current hair colour, If I buy pastel colour it'll be harder. And I was thinking that this hair colour can fades quickly and turns to beautiful pastel lilac colour. lol ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚*

I use Plum and Magenta colour, I want to make it all dark Purple but the hair colour is so little so I need to mix with some Magenta colour. I left my hair around 30-50 minutes before the hair wash process. (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)

My before hair colour was like this,

And this is the result, haha! It becomes a dark purple with beautiful magenta colour.

Some notes :

♪ The result is quite same like Manic Panic colour.
♪ My hair isn't become dry but quite unmanageable.
♪ Don't dye your hair if your hair isn't in a good condition.
♪ I can't 100% sure that other's people result will be same like me, it depends on everyone's hair tone and type.
♪ The colour can fades if I'm sweating and stain my clothes, so beware! Avoid it.
♪ Every time I wash my hair it becomes a purple river on my shower LOL.
♪ and my towel becomes dirty too with many puple and pink stains.

I hope that the colour will fades quickly lol because I miss my light pastel hair colour. But this colour is okay and I'm happy with the result since purple and pink are my most favourite colours!! hehe good luck if you're planning to dye your hair, any questions kindly ask on (。♥‿♥。)ノ see ya


Cominica said...

*-* it looks really cute on you! I love your new hair colour :3 it's really beautiful

Raden Ayu/MI said...

Perfect hair color, you look super cute! Anyway, are you coming yo AFA?

Xiao Vee said...

I think it's hard to maintain bold colored hair ya ci? *-*
How come you can dye it evenly? >< I can't dye my hair evenly haha

Cominica said...

ci,ngestyle rambut pake apa ?

Cominica said...

I love the new hair color and how you transitioned the purple to pink. Super cute. :)

Cominica said...

I love this new color on you, Cominica! >u< I think it'll fade into a really pretty color too~ Can't wait to see the progress as time goes on! >u<

Cominica said...

I love your new hair color! I'm jealous how you can pull off pretty much every hair color~ >.<

Cominica said...

Very nice ><

Cominica said...

I love it. This color is amazing <3

Bai, Shiki

Cominica said...

Love it!!!

Cominica said...

Woah, it looks amazing! Even better than your previous hair color *o*

Cominica said...

Hey, you know, if you mix up the Manic Panic with some conditioner, you can make it less intense or even do a pastel shade. You just need to choose a conditioner that doesn't have silicone or dimethicone, because those kinds of -cone ingredients will coat your hair and prevent the color from getting in. I stumbled on your blog since I was looking for reviews of Brightlele wigs...I want to get a natural looking wig to cover up my purple hair for work haha! Good luck <3

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