Thursday, July 10, 2014


The one road we always walked together
Splits in two and we go our separate ways

Clutching at my chest, overwhelmed with loneliness

Looking up at the sky still about to cry
I thought of you...

On these nights when you're not here
So no more cry, I won’t cry anymore..

“I'm trying my best”, “I'm getting stronger”
You're looking at it too~

The crescent moon that's about to disappear
“We're connected”, “I love you”

Skirt Comicou
Choker Comicou
Shoes ilovesexy
Socks Daiso
Bag Harajuku


Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute outfit! I love it your skirt!

Lina Paramita said...

so cute.... love your outfit and hair dear :)

sei said...

I love the top! And the skirt!

Sylvia C said...

comicou now sells choker..
gotta check it later!

trés beans said...

cute suspenders! xx

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