Thursday, February 21, 2013

Koji Curving Eyelash Curler Review

Koji has always been my favorite brand of eyelash curler. Other people probably prefer Shiseido or Shu Uemura, but I've never tried them because of some reviews about the shape, hehe. I think the curve of the curler isn't suit my eye shape. So far, I always use Koji brand because it's easier to find near by my house. (T▽T)

Kay collection sells this Curving Eyelash Curler in Indonesia! I've read about this eyelash curler before on their website and become so interested.♡

Koji Curving Eyelash Curler (38mm) gives your lashes the professional look with a curler that adds dimension and depth to your eyes. Won't crease, tug or pull lashes. It is designed to fit the eye shapes, and the innovative curve provides a splendid eyelash curling.

☆ Designed for Asian eyes :
This eyelash curler is designed to suit the curve of Asian eyes. I have a flat eyes and mostly eyelash curler is so curvy so it's hard to fit my eye shape. (ノTДT)

☆ Slicker and longer body :
I was quite shock when holding the curler for the first time. The body has a long handle and has a straight line compared to other eyelash curler. The cage also has a wider curve that fit my flat eye perfectly. 

☆ Bow-shaped frame :
I feel this shape can reach my inner and outer corner eye. Because the curve isn't as curve as other eyelash curler so it fit my flat eye perfectly. I couldn't ask for more.(゜∀゜)

☆ Container included :
This is my first time got an eyelash curler with the a container. It's not really useful actually, especially if you use them everyday. But it become handy when travelling.

☆ Got 2 pads refill :
The pad is soft and easy to crushed. Work so good together with the interesting curler design.

On my eye, see? My super thin and short eyelashes. LOL at least they curled!( ˚̯́ ﹏˚̯̀)

From the side, nahh you can't really see it because my eyelashes is too short. ╥﹏╥

With 1 coat of Dolly Wink mascara! (/‾▿‾)/
If you think any eyelash curler doesn't work on you, then try Koji Curving Eyelash Curler. Maybe it suits you too~ ♡

☆ Where to get :
You can get this Koji Curving Eyelash Curler at Kay Collection Indonesiaヾ(^∇^)

1. Independent store:Mal Central Park, #L3-110. Tel: 021-29200400
Pacific Place B1 #10A.  Tel: 021-57973827
Gandaria City LG #15.   Tel: 021-29052956
Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. Tel: 021-30056156
Small shop near Foodhall Plaza Senayan (besides Aneka Citra Snack)

2. Department store:

SOGO (all except PS), Seibu, Debenhams, Metro (PIM), STAR, Keris
Galery, Matahari (TA & Ciputra, TP3), Sarinah, Lotus Thamrin & Golden Truly

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