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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Queen Stylish False Eyelashes

Hello everyone, this week is really an exhausting week for me ( ˚̯́ ﹏˚̯̀). A lot of activity and work that I had to do and many things to do including my new part time job at cait sith meascan cafe. I'm very happy because I have many activity everyday, hehe (/‾▿‾)/

Now, I'll write a short review about this Baby Queen false lashes from kkcenterhk. So as you can see, this time I chose natural false lashes again. Sometimes, I like to use natural false lashes because it makes me look more fresh.(*≧▽≦)

This false lashes has a blend of thin feathers.

☆ 5 Pairs :
I got 5 pairs in 1 box.

☆ Design :
This eyelashes has a nice shape and length. The size is shorter on the inner part and elongated in the ends. A false lashes like this can make eyes look longer but still natural-looking. (˚̯́∇˚̯̀ ʃƪ)✧

☆ Clear Band :
I always love a false lashes with clear band. Easier to clean and look natural. But clear band false lashes is more difficult to lift the eye.≧△≦

☆ Quality :
The quality is quite good and can be used many times. 

Now let's look how it looks like on my eye.

Perfect shape, size and length.(ノ゚0゚)ノ~
It looks so good with my dolly wink number 5.

On both eyes,

I wear this look on CNY few days ago because I went to meet my big family. If I wear to much make up my mom will scold me, lol 8'D

☆ Where to Get :
Baby Queen false lashes is available at kkcenterhk. They've many models to choose, can visit their website to find various kind of false lashes.

About the maid&butler cafe "Cait Sith Meascan", they'll open their very first soft opening at Pluit Village mall this Saturday and Sunday. There'll be a Japan event too at that mall, so make sure to visit if you have free time. You can visit their page "here" for more information about the Cafe.

Hehe if you come to the Cafe, you can meet me as the head maid Miki, hahahhahaha. *slapped . Im so nervous like hell, hope everything is going well ( ‾ʃƪ‾).
See you there! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ 

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