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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Geo Starmish Brown by Mai Hirose

My sponsor Tomato Shop sent me this Geo Princess Mimi Starmish lens weeks ago. I really love brown color lens because it look so good with my hair. This new series of Geo debut by Mai Hirose, Popteen Model aka Maimai. I always adore her eye make up and her smile. She looks so Genki! (^▽^)❤

✩ Diameter : 14.5mm
I love 14.5mm diameter lens because it's not too big and not too small on my eyes.

✩ Color :
At first glance, it look like Princess Mimi Brown, hahahha. But with different color, this Starmish brown isn't 3 tone like Mimi Brown. How ever, I think the brown color look interesting!

Hmm, on my eyes this lens doesn't look that brown. But, It looks so gyaru for me, mwahahhaha.(///∇//)

✩ Pattern :
This pattern looks like a merge of Starfish Shape. Somehow, I love the repetition of this pattern. It look so so obvious on my eyes even though the color isn't that Brown.

✩ Comfort :
Hmm, compared to Mimi almond this lens is dry a little bit. I wear for 4 hours and it still feel fine. But after 6 hours, I can feel the lens is feel a little bit dry. And somehow, it can move on my eyeball when I blink. LOL

✩ Enlargement :
14.5 mm! Of course it looks more natural than 15mm and fit my eye shape perfectly. However, it only gives a natural enlargement not overly big eyes like when wear black circle lens.

Not my favorite lens for natural look, but seriously it look so good on my eyes in real life! My eye pattern can look so sharp and vivid. Because I really love Gyaru, this is lens is great for compliment the look. 

✩ Where To Get :
I got mine at Tomato Shop, you can check their facebook "HERE".
5% if you mention "Cominica" and 10% if you buy 3 pairs or more.

I'll be hosting a circle lens giveaway soon o(≧▽≦)o!! Please looking forward and it opens for my International Readers too! And of course, I'll be back with other color lens/circle lens! A super natural and pretty Brown lens!! Thanks for reading and Have a great weekend! I'm sorry can't visit you soon because I'm super busy right now~ See you!(/゚Д゚)/

My Candy Doll Mini Giveaway is Over! Thanks for joined! I'll reveal the winner on my facebook page and twitter on Monday. Thank you~~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

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