Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fake Nail Clipper and Ribbon Kawaii Nail Art

I've been wanting a Fake nail clipper since so long. I usually cut my fake nail with usual nail clipper and it was so hard to make it even! So, I got my fake nail clipper from kkcenterhk, place where you can get almost everything (///∇//)~ Check out the product "here". (/^▽^)/

A fake nail art and a fake nail clipper. Time to make some nail art (´∀`)♡
☆ Best grip :
Although it's quite big but it's easy to use and perfect grip. I love love this so much!

*ignore my ugly nail ROFL

☆ Easy and Fast :
A fake nail art usually comes with a different shape and length. I always cut them to fit my taste and fit my nail. However, with usual nail clipper is hard so I need something different. And that is a Real fake nail clipper, the bigger one like this. Nyehehehhe >‿<

☆ Sharp :
This Fake nail clipper can cut straight line and it's so easy!! The knife is so sharp too so don't worry. 

Now we have a shorter fake nail. I usually just clip the edge and make it a bit round then buffer it a bit. Nail is ready to design now!

☆ 3 different shapes :
Can make round shape, straight and well-cut (curve) with this tool! Super awesome!

And after that, I was making new nail art with ribbon decoration from kkcenterhk, check out the product "here".ヾ(☆▽☆) 
☆ Made from pearls :
I got 10 pieces of ribbons inside 1 package. It's crafted from pearl onto 1 kawaii ribbon shape.

☆ Size :
A little big for my fingers, bahahahahahah. But that's fine! I can use the rest for decoing other things.

☆ Color :
Pink, but look a little bit peach for me, hahahah.

So, here is my nail art creation with the ribbon from kkcenterhk.
I use nail polish from Etude House, so fresh and cute! 

 Mix it with some nail stickers and mini pearl. XD

I can't wait to wear it sooonnnn ♡♡♡ 

CUTE!! A little big but so catchy, hahahahahah. 

☆ Where To Get :
I got mine at kkcenterhk, with affordable price and good quality~ If you're planning to shop there, you can get 10% discount by mention my name "Cominica". Happy Shopping~~ Hahahaha, I'll make new nail art again soon.(T▽T)


margylove said...

OMG this is is super prettyy!!! u have a creative hands beb :*

Nikki said...

those nails are perfection! :D

♔cominica♔ said...

thank you!! :)

XiaoVee said...

cuteeee tapi jd cemas kalo pake pitanya >.< nanti bisa jatuh di jln, lol

Aya said...

At first I thought... how could a nail clipper be fake? Then I realized you were actually talking about nail clipper for fake nails. LOL. And I agree with you, kkcenterhk has everything! Haha. Cute nails, dear!!

Rini Cesillia said...

kyaaaaa lucuuuuuuu, mau yg ada pitanyaaa xD

LauraLeia said...

The set is so pretty!!! :D I would love to wear fake nails too but i'm afraid they wont last long, probably 2 days at most. >_<

♔cominica♔ said...

thankss yennn :D

♔cominica♔ said...

wkakkaka iya sih XD, mesti ati2 ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

bhahahahah sorry for my bad grammar XD , thanks!

♔cominica♔ said...

hahahahha XD

♔cominica♔ said...

aww hahaha I usually wear it for hang out only XD then store it again, hehe

Banny said...

Your nails so cute!

Cominica said...


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