Thursday, September 06, 2012

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Review and Swatch

Hello ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ, it's been a while I haven't make a review on korean cosmetics. If you still remember my post about Etude House launching event here, you should know that I already get 1 My blooming lips from that event. I got 2 more lipstick of My blooming lips from my new sponsor Lovely Pinky few days ago. I was so happy to try more color of Etude House lipstick because all of them are so cute, especially the Pink packaging!! See how cute they are!(^▽^)❤

See the ribbon? Can't get enough of how cute this lipstick is!>‿< 

The colors I'm going to review~ OR204 - PK006 - OR208. If you notice the different color label of OR204, that because it's one of the main "Hot" colors from this lipstick Line.

This new lip color series from Etude is more hydrating than before and the color is more obvious too. It has 24 different colors to collect and all colors look so pretty~ I feel like want to collect it all XD

Captured with flash. As you can see all colors look so cute and interesting. Packaging is quite good too,  made from a plastic but not from a cheap plastic. This plastic is hard and not easily broken.。◕‿◕。

With Flash
Compared to Revlon lip butter, this lip color is moisturizing too~! Beside that, the color more pigmented and show on my lips. The creamy texture is make my lips not dry and easily blend to my natural lip color.

Without Flash, you can see how the lipstick look moisturizing and shiny.

Swatch with flash

Without flash

Now, let's see the swatch on my lips.

OR204, a pretty pink orange color which has a peachy tone. I love this color for a fresh and cute look, goes well with my usual natural make up or a slightly dramatic gyaru make up.

captured with flash

without flash, absolutely a sweet color to have! I think it looks a bit pinky on my lips, lol.

OR208, pure orange color, a little bit red and dark but when apply to my lips turn out to a pretty soft orange color. This color can make my face look warm.

my usual wink pose, bhahahaha. I love to use this orange lipstick with my orange blush from majolica majorca.

PK006, a bright rose pink color. Pigmented and so neon! hhahahaha need a lot of courage for me to wear this outside.

Looks cute and sweet in photo though, kekekeke (*´▽`*), I'm so happy can try this lipstick.

This new lipstick line is quite impressed me. Not only feel moisturizing but doesn't make my lips dry while use it. All colors look so cute and interesting too, not boring and you can play with all the 24 colors they have! Without a lip gloss, my lips already look a little bit shiny~
I really want to collect all colors if I have chance!(///∇//)

Rating : 4.5/5
Price : super cheap and affordable, you can get this lipstick at Lovely Pinky just for 75.000 idr.

Lovely Pinky sells korean cosmetics with cheap price and all products is original from Korea, they're imported it by themselves directly from Korea, so don't worry you won't get Fake items! I had a bad experience from a well-known online shops before, that's why I don't really like to purchase Korean cosmetics online again. Hahaha afraid get the fake one now...╥﹏╥

But don't worry, at Lovely Pinky you'll get only the original one~! You can get 5% discount too by purchasing Ready Stock item for 100.000 IDR. Don't forget to mention the code : Cominica to get the discount. The owner is a really sweet and good person, I really like her! So, don't hesitate to ask her okay~~ ^^

Thanks for reading ladies, I'll be back with more reviews~ And I hope I can post more often >_< , I'm really busy with work and life, hehe. Please stay tuned~