Monday, June 25, 2012

Etude House Indonesia Etude Time 2 Event x Pink Burlesque

Last friday I went to Etude house event at Mal Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. Etude house is launched their new make up line, Dear My Talk Series and this event was inspired by Pink Burlesque. I came with my sister that day and really interested with the Burlesque theme. When we joined the event, it was quite crowded. There were so many excited faces XD and of course pretty girlsss XD. Btw, sorry I captured all my pictures here with my phone. I brought my camera BUT I left the memory >__<"" wtf, hahhaha (T▽T\)  

There were so MANY things we can do in this event, like get welcoming gift(puhahahaha) *slapped, explore etude house products(so fun!), free nail art, free make over, games and other things like K-pop cover dance competition and Fashion Show. My sister and I were wandering around, hahahah we were confused what to do.@__@


SO CUTE!! I wanted to sing on that Stage, bwhahahahah no ne kidding! XD bwhahahahha

While we were playing Games, suddenly there was a announcement for all media and bloggers to gather Σ(゜д゜;) . Well, the media event was almost begin so we hurry joined before all the seats were full of people. kekekke.

SO, Etude house was launched Dear My Talk Series which consist of Compact Powder, Blusher, Lipstick, Lipgloss and Nail Polish. There is a new BB Cream too! It's Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, what makes it special is this new bb cream has four shades so not oily fair skin can use bb cream.

Etude house was release more attractive color to play with. Etude house wants to reach professional segment with this new series of make up product. This event is to prove that etude house can be use for professional make up too, not only for casual/office occasion. 

The new lipstick has bright and decorative colors (pink, orange,coral), this series claimed to moisturizing lips and gives a glossy effect to lips. Must give it a try~!

After Mr. Chris Choi explained about Etude house Dear My Talk and Etude house expansion in Indonesia, they began the make over by Korean Make up artist Ms. Lee.

She can't speak Indonesian so there was a translator to help explain all the steps. I super like the face mist part, it prevent our make up from cracking. Because I always forgot that part, mwaahahhahaha.>‿< 
There was Ms Astrid too, help explained about the product one by one.

And this is the result, the model super slim and pretty. *w*

All Etude house crews.

So, after the event. Etude house gave us a goodie bag, wooow I didn't know there was a goodie bag at first~ I was so lucky I could come that day >.< Etude house was so generous to gave us their new product to try. Thank  you so much~ (*´▽`*)

Then I met with Shella! It was my first time met with her. She's so cuteeeeeeeeeee~ kekeke, I haven't chat with her for a while.

I talked to my sister, there was one super cute MUA there and I wanted my sister to get make over with her. Later I found out that only Vvip member can get the make over ~__~ and we need to shop first about 300.000 idr. lol. So, I thought that was okay and we didn't want to do the make over again. Hahahah, but Stella (IBB's kaichou) was really active, omg I didn't expect she would ask the manager so my sister could get the make over. XD Hahaha thanks Stel!

So this is my sister before the make over. I only asked the MUA, Serli to make her eyes.

After, eye make over XD, the MUA she's damn pretty right? lol her name is Shosanah Serli if I'm not wrong. And of course my sister is pretty tooo XD

And now it's my turn, bwahahahha. I look BIG in this picture between tiny girls~~ ≧△≦

with Stella ◕ ‿◕

And my outfit that day XD

My make up from closer, hahah this color lens is so crazy XD, make me look (grab from my instagram). I always think I look better with close up picture HAHAHA. *lame

And this is what I got from Etude House, please visit their page HERE. Thank you! ^^


Inside the box, new Dear My Talk series, will review it later okay >__<

 This is the welcoming gift. Few samples to try~

Overall, I think the event was interesting and great. Thank you for such amazing event Etude House~! Can't wait for the next event Etude Time 3~ ^o^)/