Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Atelier Royale Butler Cafe - Anime Festival Asia AFA ID

Hello... *with monotone*(;¬_¬) , lol. Last saturday, I went to AFA at PRJ Kemayoran with my sister. We haven't buy any ticket yet, so we need to arrived earlier there. We arrived there around 9/10 and there were a lot of people there already. Especially in front of Moe Moe Kyun cafe and Atelier Royale. LOL.
Actually, I wanted go to MMK cafe than AR, but my sister didn't want. Bhahahha, so we decided to try AR instead since there's one butler who look like anime character. Bhahahha Bishounen!

The queue line totally CRAZY! @_@, beside that my body wasn't fit that day, sigh pms syndrome. Imagine stand for almost 3 hours?? lol. My sister was hungry too, she hadn't eat any, lol. Glad I ate first in the morning, hahahahha. I remember when all the butlers came out to greet us, so many girls screamed, lol. XD Why must screaaammed they're not actors, rofl.( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

If you want to know more about them, kindly visit their facebook HERE.

The right one Ren, looks like come out from anime XD, my sister said he looks like Kurapika, LOL. Is he? (/゚Д゚)/

bored and cam-whored while queue XD

Okay, last picture of us XD

Khahahahhaha, after we (my sister and I) looked inside the Moe Moe Kyun cafe (we looked from outside though), suddenly felt regret because all of them supppeeeerrrrr kawaaaaiiii. Remember I love anything kawaii right? Lol. They did some magical moe moe stuff, aaaaaaaaaaa TT___TT I want they did it for me.. Hahahhahaha, don't worry I'm normal! It just I can't stand cuteness, LOL. XD TT__TT

When looked inside the Butler cafe, all look so serious ha ha. But the head butler always smile and cute too. Bhahaha okay, cute again. XD

One thing I regret, I need to shared table with 2 people I don't know. And they still kids, hahaahaha. I couldn't complain, because there were so many people there, so what can I dooooo?? =_="

After we went inside, it felt like HEAVEN because finally we could SIT. And we couldn't choose our butler, that's okaaaay ne because we got Ryo and he was super cute and nice. Lol. Clumsy and always smile. Yeah, because we already so tired queue and when saw his smie and so friendly, it makes our mood better. Thanks Ryo! (-^〇^-)

I ordered Omurice and my sister ordered Curry rice. I should order Kareeee, the Omurice taste a bit plain. And the rice is so many TT_____TT. Then Ryo asked If I wanted to use Ketchup and Mayonaise. I don't really like Tomato Ketchup so I said "No". Lol. Then he asked, Is there any words I want him to write. Guess what? I told him to write Kawaii XD XD. That was easy lol.

And he apologized to us because he forgot to bring our food. He said, we can ask for anything, so I asked him to sing. Hahahaha, he sang well. Really~ *claphands* But sometimes forgot the lyric, lol.

Beside Ryo, Ren came to our table too. Yay, I wanted to see closer and his eyes is soo big. I'm jealous! lol. Ren talked to us but I couldn't hear him because his voice too soft --". He's a hairdresser that's why his hair is so cool, I like his hair a lot!

When he looked at my plate and saw my Omurice (my Omurice was only topped with mayonaise), he asked why I don't add ketchup. I told him I don't really like Ketchup because it's sour. But he said, it's better if I add ketchup .... (¬д¬。). 
Then I said, okay please add ketchup. Maybe the taste will be better? But Ren added TOO MANY KETCHUP laa ∑(O_O;) o(╥﹏_╥)o. 
Seriously, I'm shocked. lol. My sister was silently laugh at me, bhahahha. Damn(¬,、¬)

And then he told me to try it. Well, my Omurice taste super sour so I ate it with sour face. I'll never never ever add any Ketchup again to my Omurice! Bhahahhaha never! Even though it's Akanishi Jin told me, I'll never eat it XD *slapped

We're not allowed to take any photos inside so I didn't take any. I should take my Omurice picture but seriously I was too lazy that time. So tired, hahahahha even lazy to talk. I just wanted to go home and sleep! *so lame

After our time is up, each table only has 45 minutes, lol wait for 2 hours and half then only can sit for 45 minutes XD, really... hahahha. We took a pictures with Ryo and Ren, because we only talked to them. We thought it's awkward if we asked to capture picture with other butlers that didn't serve us. And the pictures weren't for free, we need to pay, hahahhaha. TT-TT All need money, lol. I can buy new dolly wink false lashes you know XD

My smile was so weird, lol. --" sorry all pics took with my camera, too lazy to use my dslr. You need to know that their skin is super nice --", I feel ashamed as a girl, really.. LOL 8D

After from that cafe, we just walked around. Wanted take photos but too many people @__@. I hope the building is bigger, sob. Kinda regret came, but glad we got a nice butlers to serve us. Haha Thanks Ryo~ Ren~

I even forget to take picture of my outfit that day, w(°o°)w hahahaha.

so, my simple nail that day

my mori shirt, like the one in Scoop magazine, lol

my FOTD, lol use false lashes from here and here

Okay that's all, hahahaha. Hope I can go to butler cafe again but with less people please. @_@
Thanks for reading ladies~~ Have a nice day! Will post a skin care review soon! My current favorite~