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Monday, March 05, 2012

Eyemazing 501 Harajuku Doll by Kyary Pamyu + my new hair

Hello Ladies (/^▽^)/~~ I'm sure all of you know Kyary right? Her name is Kiriko Takemura, she's a model, blogger and a singer. She has a unique style and I love her song so much, so cute and catchy! Okay, enough about her, lol I'm going to review false lashes anyway.(¬д¬。)

The back package.

Harajuku Doll #501 – “Faerie Doll” style for “Dreamy drooping eyes” and “Recommended for your poppy, pastel outfits.”

This false lashes has a small gap between the feather and more longer on the middle. I guess this is for a big doll effect like kyary's eyes.♡

It has a black stem, honestly I think this false lashes is more softer than 301. This lashes is more easier to bend than Eyemazing 301 ♪.
More up and curl on the middle to make your middle eye look more Dolly and bigger. For harajuku doll look like Kyary!(●♡∀♡)

I forgot to wear pastel outfit to match the concept but yeah, who cares XD , this is the EOTD with the False lashes on, it looks really dramatic. lol
I was using Miss Eye color lens, you can check out the review here if you haven't. 

I love this false lashes but I think this is too long for use everyday, I think that's depends on your personal taste. hehehe

Aaannd, btw ladies I've cut my hair on last sunday XD XD, finally after one year and half. My hair is already reach my bottom (the end part) BUT, I was getting tired because my hair is SUPER THICK so it took times to dry it, style it and EVERYTHING. And, with determination (LOL) I went to May2 hair saloon with my mom, she asked me to accompanied her, she was permed her hair. And, I was like "should I cut my hair?" "bla bla talked with my self.wth.
After, struggled with my self yeah I cut it, I usually cut my hair by my self, but not this time. Actually, nothing really changed but I feel my hair is so much thinner now. I was doing a hair treatment too, because my hair is a bit dry. So, this is my NEW HAIR XD with Eyemazing 501.

Honestly, I LOVE my hair now. LOL, it's easy to maintain than before, more thinner and textured. Kekekekek, what do you think ladies? ^o^/ , Btw, I'm so surprised that many people like my Ageha look -,- , thank you so much ladies for the lovely and sweet commentssss, you're all too nice!!! \(-^〇^-)/

And, I bought Samsung Galaxy Note too, I LOVE it so much. (Thanksss Papaaa), I feel this phone was made for me, lmao, I can sketch, make map note, editing my self-cam, hahahha etc etc. I don't install any games yet, I don't interested in flash game. If you want to know how much it is, with leather case and LCD protector is about, 7.600.000 idr -_-"", pricey but worth it~! My new baby ^-^
Thanks for reading ladies~~~ Have a nice day and stay healthy!! My body isn't feel well now, my sister is the same too. =w=

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