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Monday, August 06, 2012

Baby Color - Summer Doll in Brown for Kawaii baby doll look

Heyyaaa (ノ≧∀≦)ノ. Anyone know about this Color Lens?? I just got this lens from my lovely sponsor Tomatoonshop for review purpose. This brand named Baby Color and this is the Summer Doll series, you can check official Baby Color website HERE!!. This lens is come in super cute packaging, the most cute contact lens packaging I've ever seen!

Dominated by Pink color and polkadot pattern make it look oh my.. kyaaawaaaiii ne??(*´▽`*)

Baby Color specification
Diameter : 19.8 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 48%
Life span : 3-6 month
Origin : Japan

If you find a Baby Color lens in bottle, don't buy. Just my advice, because the original one comes in blister. And this is made in Japan.。◕‿◕。

So cuteee~~  There's a lens specification and written in Japanese. I feel like Hime-sama XD XD *slapped

Summer Doll in Brown, although the brown look obvious here but after I wear it on my eyes it's not look that obvious. Sorry I can't captured it perfectly, it's harder than capture it from a bottle. Hahahahah XD

Here's how it looks on my eyes.

♔ Color ♔
Look like mix of grey and brown. But too bad, in room light the color isn't that bright. Not too obvious but you still can see the color if you talk directly with me. XD

♔ Pattern ♔
So Pretty and fun. I think it kinda look like fireworks in the middle of the night.

♔ Enlargement ♔
BIG. Although the diameter is so big but it still gives a nice halo effect on my eyes. It doesn't has that bold black ring. You'll love this lens, it gives a cute baby doll look. eheheheh (´∀`)♡

♔ Comfort ♔
I wear it about 4-6 hours and it still feel good on my eyes. It's not as thin as Barbie eye though but still really comfortable. But if I compared this to I.Fairy, I think I.Fairy is more comfortable than this, just a little bit!

Boring looking at my photos? Don't worry there still more, phaahahahha Σ(゜д゜;)

Okay that's all!! HAHA, I know I just want to show off my tiny pink hair XD. If you're wondering what I use to dye it in Pink, I use soft pastel too dye it and it just temporary, hohooh. So, when I wash my hair its gone..  o(´^`)o

Back to the lens! What do you think about this lens? I seriously love it, but I don't really see the brown color T___T. I love how this lens makes my eyes look big and dolly. And the pattern+color makes my eyes look shining. Kekekke

Soo, if you live in Indonesia make sure you purchase this lens from Tomatoonshop, and you can use coupon code : cominica to get 5% discount. The owner reduce the discount because many people not use it wisely. :(
Check out their on going promotion on EOS lens.

Thanks for reading~ I hope you have a nice day! I probably will post a lot this week because next week I'm going to Bangkok for holiday~~~ Arrrrghhh can't wait, it's so exciting to prepare all the things I need to bring! Hohohoh. But my sister said, I can't wear fancy clothes because we will walking all day~~ ≧△≦"" I should bring T-shirt so it feels more comfortable. That means.. I can't bring my cute clothes (ノTДT). And some temple in Bangkok not allow people wear short skirt/pants right? D:
Hmm, I still don't know what clothes I should bring other than T-shirt. LOL, mum said don't bring too much because we're going shopping there.XD
Anyone been there before? *w*

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