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Saturday, July 28, 2012

L'occitane Angelica Hydrating Mask

I am a busy person *slapped (¬д¬。) (wtf), hahaha and sometimes I really lazy to use mask other than paper/cotton/sleeping face mask. Because I need to wait for 15-20 minutes and then wash it. It's quite a while and sometimes I fall asleep while waiting (¬、¬), lol. And that makes me can't use mask before make up because it took sooooo long! ( ꒪Д꒪)

So, I got a chance to try this mask from L'occitane Indonesia. I was invited to their event but couldn't come so they sent the products for me to try. Thank you so much for give me the opportunity to try! (///∇//)

While received the mask, I immidiately read the brochure they gave me. I usually read about the product first before try, I need to know about the product first before try it.。◕‿◕

Angelica Instant Hydration mask is specially formulated for hydrate skin in 3 minutes. 3 minutes? Wow, this is great. No matter how busy I am, I can use this mask. It's rinse-free formula allows the active ingredients to give skin 24 hours continuous hydration. Skin becomes fresh, plumped and thirst-quenched.

The packaging is all green and gives a fresh feeling about it. I can smell the scent before open the cap! It smell so relaxing and fresh.

The texture is like a gel, it has no color and not greasy. It absolutely contain no oil at all. I love it! When applied to skin, it gives a cool feeling to skin. Fresh and not oily. It absorb quickly into my skin too, that's why I just need 3 minutes! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

The scent is relaxing my tired mind, skin and body. It feels so wonderful, that 3 minutes is so precious. Really, I even asked my friend and my family to try it. And they love it too.

After 3 minutes, I use a warm towel to clean my face. It feels soft and plumped. My skin is revitalize and refresh, but I can't really feel the hydrate properties because my skin is pretty dry now. Hahahhha (T▽T) at least my skin isn't 

feel dry!

Ah yeah, I need to told you this. When my skin is troubled, breakouts and has few small blemishes I tried this mask once and Idk why but it became worst. Lol that because my skin is super sensitive XD, but when my skin is in a 

good condition, it works great!! Kekeke~(゜∀゜) , If you don't have sensitive skin then that's good.

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ 3 minutes it's all I need!
✩ My skin feels fresh, smooth and plumped
✩ Scent super good, so relaxing
✩ Refresh my tired skin, my skin look healthy and fresh

✩ Can't use when my skin is troubled
✩ Pricey, lol ╥﹏╥

I'd love to use this mask every morning before applying make up. My skin texture looks good and the make is look perfect and natural too. After clean it my skin isn't feel dry too. Now, I use this mask 4 times a week, 

hahahahahahha. Sometimes, I use it after back from work too. Aaaaah, it feels so good really, like aromatheraphy.(*´▽`*)

If you have a very dry skin, you may not really feel the hydrate and moisture effect. You probably feel soft, smooth, plump and revitalize like me. But the Angelica skin care range like milky lotion and hydrate cream is deep moisture 

my skin, I only get the tester of the lotion so I can't give a detailed review. The cream will be reviewed later (⌒▽⌒), please looking forward if you're interested!

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Thanks for reading everyone, have a lovely weekend!!  (≧∇≦)/ 

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