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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Favorite Gyaru Model x just for fun XD

Okay, I'm so boriiiinggg today! And I really want to change my hair color since long time but can't because I don't have money to go to Salon, bhhahah T____T. I'm saving money for dyeing my hair at the end of July. Yeaay, hope I can!

SO, I kept looking to my favorite gyaru model hair, again and again. Hahahha, I really want either milk tea brown or honey blonde color, lol you can see it on my post here.

And I want to share my favorite gyaru model, I think I never share it Enjoy all the pretty girls photos *Q* , while I'm eating crab right now XDDDDDD want it? ;p

Let's begin, PICTURE SPAMM.

1. Kanno Yui / Urayui, she's the reason why I started to love Gyaru style. I love her genuine smile, style, appearance and everything~! My all time inspiration. (///∇//)
She was a model on Popteen magazine then graduated and moved to Popsister, but Popsister was ceased.. ;A;. She's a model for LizLisa, produced her own cosmetic Line Melliesh, jewerly/accessory line Crayme, photobook, style book. She's really sweet and a blogger too~

I wanted to try do her make up tutorial since long time but kept forget bout it =m= 

2. Okarie aka Matsuoka Rie, a popteen model, blogger and designer of her own fashion line "Ank Rouge". At first I don't really like her, lol but after saw her appearance in few MV's I started to love her. She's super kawaiiii~ I really love her eye make up and her style. Nyaaan~

Lately, she released Okarie's style wig too, so kawaiiiiiiii~~~ *die

3. Funayama Kumiko / Kumicky. I love her style and her hair, lol 8D
She's a super popular popteen model, hahahahah. Produced and designed curling iron named "Tsuyagla Wave", collaboration with Kose for Cosmagic sweet deco cheek, Anmiel, Beauteen, ETC. I have so many pictures of her XDD *stalker

I want her hair *w*

4. Nishikawa Mizuki, aka Mizukitty. She's a popteen model, has a cutee smile that's why I like her. She produced her own false lashes series by Eyemazing "sweet ribbon" and model for Lizlisa and other.

5. Yuuka Obara aka Yunkoro. She's Egg model and my only favorite model from Egg magazine, hahhhahaha. I don't really know about her because I rarely read Egg but she's daaamnnn pretteeeeeehhhhh!! Sometimes I read Egg just want to see her XDD LOL I love her style and have lots of her pictures too 8D

%$%%$%%@#%%@ so PRETTY *Q* *Q* *Q* *Q*

6. Last but not least, The super popular gyaru model, Masuwaka Tsubasa, lol I don't need to explain about her anymore neeee~ XDDDDD Who doesn't love her?? She so adooorableeee~~ ヾ(☆▽☆)

I want to do her make up tutorial here, but Im to lazy ;A; and have no time *slapped

With black hair still look cuuuuuteee. 8D

I'll be back with new circle lens review and giveaway on July, please stay tune. Byeeeee~~~ 

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