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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lioele Color Eyeshadow Swatch

Lately, I'm interested in Lioele brand. It's not because their cute packaging, but because of their quality products. So far, I haven't been disappointed by their product. I got this two eyeshadow color from Lioele on this event. I've tried this single eye shadow in different color on that event and I think it's pretty nice!◕ ‿◕

I got no.14 in Sky (스카이) and no.01 in Bijou White (비쥬 화이트)
I think this eye shadow is quite good. It's quite pigmented and sparkling. Of course it has shimmer on it, most Korean eyeshadow has shimmer. Shimmer can brighten our eyes and make it look shiny and bigger. Shiny eyes can also make your eyes look more innocent and young too. (///∇//) 

I don't really like the texture, I think it's too powdery ≧△≦. Unlike my Majo Majo palette which I loved so much. Too bad, I need to apply it carefully or it would be a little messy (´^`). But, if you apply it lightly it doesn't really matter. The eyeshadow is attach easily on my fingers and not hard to blend. (^▽^)

This is the swatch
I'm quite happy because this eyeshadow is pigmented and has a shimmer ♥(ノ´∀`). My favorite is the Bijou White color, it can instantly make my eyes look brighter and bigger. White eyeshadow is seriously a must have~!

I try the eyeshadow on this look, lol what do you think? (o⌒.⌒o) Am I look more mature?? bahhahahah *slapped (I think my nose shading is getting better XDDD)

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Has shimmer
✩ Pigmented
✩ Shiny and Sparkly
✩ Easy to get in Indonesia

✩ Too powdery

Price : 85.000 idr - about $8.5

Thanks for reading ladies! Thank you so much for all your support for Comicou 。┰ω┰。) I'm so happy while reading all comments today. You all too sweet and nice! >w< 
Now, I'm making pattern and clothes design for a client. He's my Dad's friend so I feel uneasy if I don't accept the order. GROAR, and I need to do it SOON because He need it before Friday! I'm not a Robot! (;≧皿≦), but oh well. I know I can do this! 
I still have many things to do for Comicou and for my blog @__@, I hope I can finish it soon! Going to stay awake tonight, I still stay at my workshop. Wish me luck! p(´⌒`。q) 

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